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11-01-2005, 04:55 PM
I need some help from all of you layout Gurus. Have not done layout for years, nor kept up at all, so any help is appreciated.

Years ago for a previous employer I did a small catalog for them. We are talking PageMaker 5 on OS 8.1 or so. Small fonts - 6 point and up - and rows and columns of data. Think a Grainger catalog, except only about 50 pages. They printed cases of them....and are now finally running out. They would like update and print another batch of a few thousand. I still have the orginal files, and they open fine (at least look OK at first glance....)in Indesign from OS 10.4, minus a handful of font substitutions.

The problems:

First - They have a local print shop they would like to use, but they are using Indesgin on Windows boxes. It was my understanding that fonts widths change between platforms, and that Windows will display the same font slightly wider, which can foul up very tight layouts. Is this still the case? Is the easiest way to avoid this to find a Mac print house, or is there any easy way to convert platforms?

Second - As I recall, I dug up fonts way back when that were close to the orignal logo and cover art from the previous run, that was probably set manually. Don't know if I can find them for OS 10, much lesss Windows. Is there anything to be done but manually test to see what the least destructive substitute font would be?

Third - Moving forward, it would be great to minimize this pain the next time they are ready to print. Is there a best practices check list for future-proofing layouts and associated files?

In short, what is the best, fastest (and cheapest) way to get this back into print?

Thanks in adance.

11-01-2005, 05:24 PM
Hello Unc,

ID is changing also the pagination and you have to set the hyphenation too.
If you have the old fonts you can use those with no issues as long as they are Type1 fonts (PostScript).

You are absolute correctnot to give them the open PM/ID files due to font errors.

Give them a PDF-file, ask what kind of PDF format they want, 1.3, 1.4, X/1, X/3.

Just a suggestion:

If you have OS8 or 9 and PM running on a Mac do your editing on that Mac.
Then, write a PostScript-file, this will include all fonts and images.
I bet, they have an PPD file for their imagesetter or a PPD for PDF writing in Acrobat Destiller.

If not, write your PS-File from PM, using PostScript Level3.
Then you can go which way you/they want; without font, and other issues; PS-File, and all kinds of PDF.

You can save all PDF types in OSX.

If designers want a setting for OSX, OS9, WIN they get it, no problem :)

hope this is helpful.



11-01-2005, 06:20 PM
Good stuff. That's kinda what was I was hoping for, but this is outside my knowledge. Will give it a go in 9 and see what I can come up with....stay tuned for more questions.

Thanks a million!

11-02-2005, 03:18 AM
We can go through the settings together, no problem.
Also, if things fail, I can email you a Destiller setting and a PPD from work.

Found two useful Link (setup and info for OS9 and OSX):

I stay tuned for more ? :)

Best regards