View Full Version : video editor person for FCE/imovie

08-21-2005, 04:02 PM

I might not have the time to put together video and still photos for my project and export it to a website. I will gather the material, write the narration and provide sound, but I need a person to put it together either on FCE or imovie.

Where would I start to look for such a person and how much per hour might I need to pay?



08-22-2005, 08:59 AM
Where to look depends on where you live. Most larger cities will have at least one consumer available editing house, usually combined with a duplication business. They usually edit in a compressed format (miniDV mostly) since their product is usually a DVD or VHS and cost $25-$35/hr with maybe some kind of setup fee. You will also need to tell them what format you would like the video file to be delivered in and whether it will be streamed or downloaded, which your webmaster will tell you. That's probably your best bet to hire someone to do it cost-wise, and you have a face to complain to if you don't like the work. Finding voice talent for the narration will increase the cost by a widely varying amount.

Another alternative or if there is no place locally, would be to send it to one of the many internet advertised businesses. There is some risk involved of course.

My purpose here is not to shill my business, but I own a post-production/conversion house where it would be no problem to do this work for you if you cannot find something more convenient. Email me if you would like more info, though it's a little more expensive than the above cost since the video is edited uncompressed (also called Online Editing).