View Full Version : Seagate 10K.6 vs. 10K.7 vs. Maxtor Atlas 10KV

08-03-2005, 04:29 PM
I have been considering purchasing 2 or 3 Seagate Hard Drives (Boot, Scratch & Data) for use with Photoshop CS2 primarily based on your
raves about Seagate in general, but last night I read the reviews in
in Storage Review.com, and was very surprised at how badly the Seagate
drives did in comparison to other manufacturers, especially against the
Maxtor Atlas 10KV. Some people actually preferred the 10K.6 to the 10K.7,
and expressed a lot of disappointment in the 10.7's. I would like to know
if you have tested any of these drives, and what your experience with them
has been. After reading the SR comparisons it seems that the Maxtor Atlas
10KV is way ahead of the competition, but I am partial to Seagate, and am
looking for good reasons to buy them. So what ever thoughts, impressions and recommendations that you have would be most appreciated. I know that there are always going to be better and faster products coming along,
usually the day after I buy something, so at some point I do have to make
a choice, and I like to be as open and objective as I can be, considering
all of the variables involved.


08-03-2005, 05:15 PM
I think most people would say that SATA can offer decent performance for desktop systems, and for RAIDs. There are some benchmarks on our RAID DB as well as Barefeats on the issue.

Will be nice to see Testbed 4 up and running, but the results comparisons are there now.

Kaye had an issue with 10.4.1 that was fixed with 10.4.2 and 4 x Atlas 15KIIs. And for RAID, smaller but faster is fine (36GB $199 vs $218 for 74GB Atlas 10K V). I'd prefer the smaller but slightly faster 15K (96 vs 86MB/s).

A 300GB SATA or PATA drive with 16MB cache is also a good boot drive, and 'nearly' comparable to Raptor 74GB if you want a dedicated boot drive.

SATA is easy to cable, can be used internal or external. The cost of SCSI ($800 for cables and controller, more for two channels) plus cost of drives...

I think someone is planning to eventually sell their 4 Cheetah 15K.2/15K.3 drives so maybe you could move to 4 drive RAID for scratch and save a little.

You can't go wrong with SCSI for speed and being solid built, and I use 15K.2s in Beige G3 and B&W for boot drives :D

Have you read through the benchmark threads on PS CS2 that users have discussed? you should be able to find some SATA 4-channel (maybe even 8-channel) as well as SCSI RAID results.

As I said in your other thread on same, RAM and G5 will make the most difference. iDVD5 also runs circles around MDD dual when compared to what G5 2.7DP can offer. I'd look for G5 2.0 or better first. Worry about optimizing storage later.