View Full Version : What size scratch disk to use?

08-02-2005, 11:32 AM
I am currently running a G4/500, with 1.5 GB of Ram. I have just resolved certain issues involving my OEM Atto SCSI card, and have purchased an
Atto UL4S, because I eventually will use in it a G5. I am replacing my
Quantum Atlas 10K.2 34 GB drive with a Seagate Cheetah 10K.7 73 GB drive,
Ultra 320, and will also be switching to Granite Digital cables. My primary
interest is in Photoshop, which I am relatively new to, and after reading all
of your Photoshop information, its obvious that I should purchase a second
hard drive to use as a scratch disk, and would like your advice on what size
I should purchase. Would the 36 GB 10K.7 Cheetah be large enough or should
I buy another 73 GB drive, or would that be overkill.

08-02-2005, 12:09 PM
For RAID, you want matched drives that are 100% identical down to firmware revision. As for PS on G5, look at kaye's results. Best investment is 8-16GB RAM, then maybe 4 drive RAID (SCSI or SATA). But it all depends on how large the files get. But RAM is paramount.

I love SCSI, and use it on all my systems though SATA is getting better all the time. I use 15K boot drives and find RAID0 on SCSI is rock solid (not sure all the reasons why and goes against some common thoughts, though not all).

For best in scratch RAID, 15K seems to be best, then 10K, though I haven't seen results from the latest series of 10K drives from Seagate and Maxtor, but www.storagereview.com has some new results from their Testbed 4 and discussed in their forum, with comments on G5 + PS CS2 from one or two users that should be informative and helpful, so check it out.