View Full Version : iBook G4 14" cd/DVD drive problems

06-27-2005, 12:56 PM
Here's what happens. First of all sometime the computer recognizes the drive, most times it does not. When it does recognize the drive and you stick a cd/dvd in the drive, it spits it right back out. If it's not recognized and you stick a cd/dvd in, it doesn't give it back, you have to use the cloths pin method to get it out. Does this seem like the drive? Other hardware problems? I'm pretty sure its not a software issue.

Help please.

06-27-2005, 02:09 PM
Howdy -

Everytime I have seen a drive act this erratic, it was a failing drive. Maybe others has a trick or tweak up their sleave, like cleaning the laser or soemthing...before declaring it officially dead.

Once in great while, a drive will act wonky because of a software bug. You might consider changing OS versions, or maybe a reinstall to rule it out. A long shot, but it might be worth because of the expensense and difficulty of replacing laptop CD/DVD drives.

Let's see if anybody else has a trick or two...