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06-26-2005, 08:04 PM
hi all,

i've been trying to figure this out but i'm having so much problems here and much time wasted...

how do people get to encode 40 minute TV series into files so small as 300Mb? how do i get it done on a mac? what are the settings and programs used?

i'm trying to get a 5 minute video out and trying so many compression types, i get very large files that doesn't justify the quality vs size ratio.

i'm trying to use ffmpegx but having a horrid time with it.

much help would be much appreciated


06-27-2005, 06:48 AM
It really depends on what you are encoding it for as to what compression type to use. ffmpeg and Mediapipe both are potentially very useful apps, but there are all kinds of rules and gotchas as to what versions of binaries to install that all work together. Even then I didn't get expected results. I use the QuickTime export from Final Cut Pro to encode and it works great, so without FCP, QuickTime Pro would need to be unlocked by purchasing a key for $30. Good stuff though. There is also an app called MPEG Streamclip that looks pretty good, though I've never used it. MPEG1 and MPEG4 are the best choices for quality and compatability between Macs and PCs, IMO. 3iVX being the best MPEG4 encoder because it retains full screen resolution while still being able to be played from a high speed CD rom drive. It makes a .mov file so PC users would probably need QT and maybe even the 3iVX codec too, so not the best choice for distribution. If you need low data rate video and small file sizes, try MPEG4 and Sorenson, though I haven't seen the H.264 codec with QT 7 yet. Tell us where the file will be used and that would help.

06-27-2005, 07:45 AM
Compress QuickTime to MPEG-4
This simple Automator action compresses any QuickTime movies to MPEG-4 format and places the compressed files into a directory of the userís choosing. MPEG-4 compression settings must be set in QuickTime Player before the action is run.

Apple Mac OS X Downloads: QT to MPEG-4 (http://www.apple.com/downloads/macosx/automator/compressquicktimetompeg4.html)

06-27-2005, 11:15 AM
hi all and thanks for the replies...

yes, i used quicktime sometimes to compress my files (esp mpg2 files) but have lots of problems getting good .AVIs or other non-native QT formats from it. i get a lot of artifacts or very bad pixelation... even when i don't get that problem, the files are huge! in the gigabyte region...

hmm... automator's quicktime compression to mpeg4 does look interesting...

i guess what i'm looking for is a really good guide to compression rates and methods... prolly aren't doing it right...

oh yea, mpeg4works i use to mux m2v files together... but i can't get it to do it properly until i restart my computer.

under tools, i select mux mpeg2 DVD, select my m2v file, then my mp2 file. then during the process, an error message comes out saying that my mp2 file is an unrecognizable format... huh??

10-03-2005, 06:37 AM
xvid divx and 3ivx is basically the same only is made by different companies
Ipersonally use divx wich is currently in its beta stage for mac os tiger
if you are still using panther you can try or purchase divx pro 5.2.1

the mac part of the regular divx site

the beta testing site

the beta file

the other big one is 3ivx ( http://www.3ivx.com/ ) again you might eperiance trouble with tiger but with panther its hassle free.

personally i lean more towards divx wich gives me excellent results mind that with the the beta version under tiger the divx options in fcp5 export window do not work, so for fcp projects in tiger you should export a high quality .MOV then quit fcp and open the .MOV with quicktime player and choose "export" from the quicktime file menu and choose Divx, then you will be able to use options. In the options menu it also shows you how large the resulting file will be.