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04-02-2005, 03:22 AM
I have just installed a LaCie Tape backup device on to the School server. The Server has the folowing standards:
Powermac G4 533MHz with 256M Ram and a 69Gb Hd HFS+. The OS is 9.1 using Apple Share 6.3.

I followed the instal instructions every thing seemed to go fine. Until I clicked on the Retrospect 5.0 Icon. The server just froze. I attempted to close down the application using Command+Alt+Esc key, system refused to
co-opperate even though it brought up the restart dialog box. I waited a full five minutes still nothing happened.

I eventually decided to reboot the Server, but when I did reboot it just came backup with a grey screen no icons. I waited a full ten minutes to see if it would reassert itself, but to no avail.

I then decide to unplug the the usb connection from the backup device to the server and then switch off the server for twenty seconds. Then restart the Server thankfully it came back up with everthing still in tact and working.

I have not tried anything else. I was wondering if any one knew of any compatability problems with the hardware I tried to instal on the system.

Thanking all in anticipation

04-02-2005, 03:19 PM
Hi Melchior,
I am really not the one to supply an answer here but,
What LaCie tape device?
It is USB not Firewire?
Retrospect saw the tape device on set-up?
LaCie offers LaCie SilverKeeper for free but I am not familiar with it and I think it needs OS9.2
Sometimes better to keep it all in the family.
USB hub for connection?
Just some questions to help out the pros...
I can understand not wanting to attempt this again without a few answers.


04-02-2005, 04:35 PM

Well, it has been years since I used ASIP, but it was my experience that it was very fragile, and the best advice in those days was to not run anything else on it.

You may be able to figure out what the problem was, but if it were me, I would either:

a) Get a different Machine to run Retropsect on and leave the ASIP box as is


b) Consider starting over with OS 10.3 to replace ASIP. Much more stable and reliable, and you should have no problems running Retropect, although I think you will really want to upgrade to Retropsect 6.

I realize that both entail work and money, but I always struggled with stabiltiy with ASIP if I did anything else with the box it was running on, so I can't really recommend spending the time trying to chase down the problem...better to spend the time on a better long term solution IMHO.

04-03-2005, 11:10 AM
Thanks for the advice I am afraid those decision are out of my hands. I will though print off your replies and let my boss see what has been said. You are mearly confirming what I have been saying for ages. Perhaps this event may turn out to be a god send. Once again thanks all.

04-04-2005, 08:42 AM
One more thing.

Since the root of may choices is about $$, I thought you may want to know that there is an alternative to spending $1000 for OS X Server to replace ASIP, on top of any hardware costs.

Check out SharePoints (http://www.hornware.com/sharepoints/). This great little application gives you a nice interface for making users and controlling their permissions for file sharing. Sound familiar? It is very similar to ASIP.

Very nice, and very solid. No need to buy Server if all you need is file sharing.

So you would need a box that can run 10.3 ( a G4 500 or so will do), 10.3 itself, and SharePoints. Then you could get Retrospect on a seperate box, and both can be happy and rock solid. I would think you could run Retrospect on the same box and have no problems, but I have not actually done it myself. SharePoints can be run as a application, or you can use it as a Preference pane. I use it as a Preference pane, and have no issues.