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02-07-2005, 09:05 PM
For those who are interested in building web applications (e.g., shopping carts, database-driven web sites, etc.) and would like to try using ColdFusion, there is an OS X hack (of sorts, in that Macromedia offers one) for Cold Fusion:



This could be a really neat development if Apple and Macromedia were to work together. Of course, Apple has WebObjects, but, honestly, WebObjects hasn't really caught on.

If you're doing database stuff...that is, database-driven web apps..._nothing_ is simpler to develop than ColdFusion (IMHO). Not cheap...at least as in _free_...at least for a _production_ machine, but I think the time-savings more than make up for any initial cost. Web site/app maintenance, extension, and further development sure seem to me to be the biggest hidden costs.

Also, a development version is free!

Additionally, you get integration with "rich media" and Flash in that both Flash and ColdFusion are produced by Macromedia. CF supports a lot of sophisticated structural considerations like object-oriented development (ColdFusion Containers), query-caching (so frequently run queries will persist in memory), all sorts of remote facilities (i.e., communication with mail servers, ftp servers, other web servers, etc.). Really fun stuff...very much for the instant gratification type, you can have apps up and running very quickly. True PHP is similar (I do believe though that CF preceded both PHP and ASP), but the CF syntax is _much_ cleaner, IMO, and there's a ton more advanced functionality.

So, asks you, "Who cares, given that it costs about 1.25 kilobux for the professional version? I'm not going to toss those kinda ducats just to try something!"

Well, says I, you can use the CF server in single user moder for free, for ever. That is, if you have a Mac on which you have a web server (e.g., Apache, which is free and comes with OS X) and a database server (e.g., mySQL http://developer.apple.com/internet/opensource/osdb.html ), you can download the eval version of CF server and run it on your Mac as a single IP version (e.g., where the server only responds to requests from localhost = and see how easy it is to build meaningful web apps...all for free.

Now, when you want to run a production server, you'll need a commercial license, but I wouldn't be surprised if you'd like it so much that you'd want a copy.

Definitely worth checking out if you are thinking of building web apps!

My $0.02. ;-)