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01-26-2005, 06:21 PM
More useless info. I have a Canon A40 digital camera purchased in March, 2002 that takes CompactFlash type I cards. It is getting long in the tooth now but while it gets older, CF cards have gotten cheaper, larger capacity, and in some cases much faster. Many other types of media are also faster than CF type I.

Anyway, one of the first things I noticed about the camera was the lag time between taking a shot and indicating ready (a small LED) for the next. In the A40, there are several ways to decrease this lag. Choose a smaller size pic and lower resolution, turn off the LCD viewfinder and use only the normal viewfinder, leave the LCD viewfinder on but choose not to view the pic just taken, and so on. I checked the web and found a site that tested a lot of digital camera media. The conclusion was that media cards were not all equal in speed, some several times faster than others. Some rated fast were in fact slow. Some manufacturers with hi-speed cards at premium cost were no faster than their standard models. At the time, the fastest was a RiDATA CF type I advertised as 28x and tested at 28x Read and 16x Write.

So what does that mean? 1x is 150KB/s. Now I almost always shoot at the greatest pic size and resolution which for the A40 is 1600x1200 at 180ppi, about 1MB per pic. Then I can always make changes in iPhoto or PShop if needed. I also leave the LCD on for shooting and for viewing the result. But I also purchased several of the RiDATA 28x CF cards and immediately noticed a great improvement. The small collection of other cards I had purchased based on price and hi-speed or fast alone were in fact dog slow. I tested them all in a FW400 CF card reader in OS9 using ATTO EPT and Intech QuickBench.

Both read and write are important. Write for writing the pic to the card and then read so that the LCD can display the shot just taken. At 1MB file size, this can take time. Of course another benefit of a fast card and a FW400 reader is the reduced time it takes to download the files to a hard drive.

The latest, fastest CF cards are still RiDATA, but now 52x. A couple of cautions however, true before and still true. The media and the camera may not interact as fast as the card is capable of. And some cameras run faster than others.

Ok some tests in 10.3.5 with FW400 reader, first the RiDATA 52x:

QuickBench» 2.1 Test Results File
©2003 Intech Software Corp.
Test file created on Saturday, October 16, 2004 at 7:57:00 PM
Test Volume name: CANON_DC

Xfer Size Sequential Read Sequential Write Random Read Random Write

1 KByte 645.000 KB/sec 20.000 KB/sec 596.000 KB/sec 22.000 KB/sec
2 KBytes 1.273 MB/sec 46.000 KB/sec 1.194 MB/sec 43.000 KB/sec
4 KBytes 2.552 MB/sec 130.000 KB/sec 2.416 MB/sec 90.000 KB/sec
8 KBytes 3.868 MB/sec 259.000 KB/sec 3.705 MB/sec 180.000 KB/sec
16 KBytes 5.059 MB/sec 485.000 KB/sec 4.918 MB/sec 348.000 KB/sec
32 KBytes 5.933 MB/sec 931.000 KB/sec 5.898 MB/sec 691.000 KB/sec
64 KBytes 6.639 MB/sec 1.558 MB/sec 6.568 MB/sec 1.040 MB/sec
128 KBytes 6.981 MB/sec 2.568 MB/sec 6.905 MB/sec 1.978 MB/sec
256 KBytes 6.996 MB/sec 3.680 MB/sec 6.985 MB/sec 2.996 MB/sec
512 KBytes 7.015 MB/sec 4.705 MB/sec 7.000 MB/sec 4.123 MB/sec
1024 KBytes 7.012 MB/sec 5.469 MB/sec 7.011 MB/sec 5.131 MB/sec

Extended Test Size: 2 MB Read: 7.009 MB/sec Write: 5.955 MB/sec
Extended Test Size: 3 MB Read: 7.017 MB/sec Write: 6.075 MB/sec
Extended Test Size: 4 MB Read: 7.004 MB/sec Write: 6.047 MB/sec
Extended Test Size: 5 MB Read: 7.005 MB/sec Write: 6.072 MB/sec
Extended Test Size: 6 MB Read: 7.009 MB/sec Write: 5.959 MB/sec
Extended Test Size: 7 MB Read: 7.014 MB/sec Write: 6.104 MB/sec
Extended Test Size: 8 MB Read: 7.014 MB/sec Write: 6.098 MB/sec
Extended Test Size: 9 MB Read: 7.017 MB/sec Write: 6.116 MB/sec
Extended Test Size: 10 MB Read: 7.014 MB/sec Write: 6.110 MB/sec

Now a brand labeled A-1 Flash, one of the slowest old ones:

QuickBench» 2.1 Test Results File
©2003 Intech Software Corp.
Test file created on Sunday, October 17, 2004 at 11:22:21 AM
Test Volume name: CANON_DC

Xfer Size Sequential Read Sequential Write Random Read Random Write

1 KByte 271.000 KB/sec 19.000 KB/sec 240.000 KB/sec 19.000 KB/sec
2 KBytes 542.000 KB/sec 39.000 KB/sec 489.000 KB/sec 38.000 KB/sec
4 KBytes 1.069 MB/sec 101.000 KB/sec 979.000 KB/sec 82.000 KB/sec
8 KBytes 1.411 MB/sec 192.000 KB/sec 1.237 MB/sec 133.000 KB/sec
16 KBytes 1.676 MB/sec 335.000 KB/sec 1.596 MB/sec 255.000 KB/sec
32 KBytes 1.848 MB/sec 558.000 KB/sec 1.823 MB/sec 457.000 KB/sec
64 KBytes 1.966 MB/sec 833.000 KB/sec 1.958 MB/sec 719.000 KB/sec
128 KBytes 2.024 MB/sec 1.083 MB/sec 2.032 MB/sec 1002.000 KB/sec
256 KBytes 2.028 MB/sec 1.269 MB/sec 2.044 MB/sec 1.199 MB/sec
512 KBytes 1.874 MB/sec 1.391 MB/sec 2.051 MB/sec 1.354 MB/sec
1024 KBytes 2.046 MB/sec 1.466 MB/sec 2.052 MB/sec 1.443 MB/sec

Extended Test Size: 2 MB Read: 2.030 MB/sec Write: 1.539 MB/sec
Extended Test Size: 3 MB Read: 2.031 MB/sec Write: 1.542 MB/sec
Extended Test Size: 4 MB Read: 2.031 MB/sec Write: 1.545 MB/sec
Extended Test Size: 5 MB Read: 2.030 MB/sec Write: 1.544 MB/sec
Extended Test Size: 6 MB Read: 2.029 MB/sec Write: 1.547 MB/sec
Extended Test Size: 7 MB Read: 2.029 MB/sec Write: 1.544 MB/sec
Extended Test Size: 8 MB Read: 2.030 MB/sec Write: 1.548 MB/sec
Extended Test Size: 9 MB Read: 2.039 MB/sec Write: 1.547 MB/sec
Extended Test Size: 10 MB Read: 2.047 MB/sec Write: 1.546 MB/sec

Faster is better, especially when your wife wants to use the camera like an Uzi. k

02-04-2005, 01:50 AM
Thanks for the info Kaye
I have an old ( don't laugh) Casio QV-4000,4.1 Mega Pixel camera.
Cannon interchangable lenses/w adapter
With the original 32 MB 4X CF card.
I was curious about updating the card for more pics and faster response.
Your post answered many questions.
I never thought of testing the speed of a Flash Drive...
best wishes,


02-04-2005, 06:12 AM

I still have an old Apple QuickTake 150 digital camera. I spent a lot of money on that camera and adding optional equipment such as a rechargeable battery pack. That pack was expensive and heavy. k

05-13-2006, 01:05 PM
Bare Feats had a recent Quick Takes page note dated April 27th, 2006 about the availability of a new FW CompactFlash card reader, a Lexar. Read that info carefully. It does read very fast, about twice as fast as my Sandisk FW reader. Writes are however about the same speed for both card readers.

Lexar available here (http://www.flash-memory-store.com/firewire-lexar-compact-flash-reader.html) and while I was there I purchased another CF card, a Sandisk (http://www.flash-memory-store.com/saul1gbcoflc.html) advertised as
Minimum Sustained Read Speed: 66x (10 MB/sec)
Minimum Sustained Write Speed: 60x (9 MB/sec)

One of the reasons for more and faster CF cards is that my son took so many QT movies in New Zealand. With the Canon A75 you can record at three resolutions: 640 x 480, 320 x 240, and 160 x 120, record for up to 30 seconds at the highest resolution, and 3 minutes at the two smaller sizes. It doesn't matter how big a memory card you put in the camera, those times are fixed. Movies are saved in AVI format, using the M-JPEG codec. Sound is recorded along with the video. 320x240 at Millions for 3 minutes is 56MB.

My son recorded 313 movies for a total of 5+GB, never mind all of the digital photos he and Da Boss took. Because they went with a limited number of CF cards, a 1GB and two 512MB 52X Ridatas (and I had no idea they were going to take movies), he had to download the CF cards to his laptop at the end of the day to be sure he had enough for the next day. Tests next. k

05-13-2006, 02:37 PM
So I have the two FW card readers and now I have some old and new 512MB and 1GB memory cards to test:

1. Ritek Ridata 1GB 52X read, 40X write CF
Read: 7.8MB/Sec, Write: 6.0MB/Sec

2. Ritek Ridata 512MB Super Fast 80X CF Memory Card, Model CFR512-80X-G, 80X read, 60X write
Read: 12MB/Sec, Write: 9MB/Sec
Even tho these cards (I have 2 of them) work fine in my Canon A40 and A75 cameras, they have never worked in the SanDisk FW card reader. OSX comes up with a window that the CF card is unrecognizable. I assumed it was the card or OSX but it turns out it is the SanDisk card reader because the cards work fine in the Lexar. Another plus for the Lexar.

3. Sandisk 1GB ULTRA II 60X CF CARD, 66X Read, 60X Write
Read: 10MB/Sec, Write: 9MB/Sec
Going to get a 2GB version of this card now that I know it works.

So let's see how these CF cards and readers perform using QB3.0 and editing out unnnecessary info.

1.Ridata 1GB 52X/40X, Sandisk FW reader
QuickBench? 3.0 Test Results
©2000-2006 Intech Software Corp.
Test file created on Monday, May 8, 2006 at 10:26:45 PM
Test Volume Name: CANON_DC
Test Volume Type: PC DOS File System
Test Volume Size: 975.219 Megabytes
Test Volume Free Space: 975.031 Megabytes
Allow Write Cache Purges: Disabled

Standard Test Results:
Test Cycles: 1
Xfer Size Sequential Read Sequential Write
512 KBytes 7.148 MB/Sec xxxx 3.466 MB/Sec
1024 KBytes 7.175 MB/Sec xxx 4.382 MB/Sec
Ext. Xfer Size Extended Read Extended Write
2 MBytes 7.175 MB/Sec xxxxxx 5.758 MB/Sec
10 MBytes 7.185 MB/Sec xxxxx 5.934 MB/Sec
2.Ridata 1GB 52X/40X, Lexar FW reader
512 KBytes 4.970 MB/Sec xxxx 2.691 MB/Sec
1024 KBytes 5.013 MB/Sec xxx 3.469 MB/Sec
2 MBytes 5.030 MB/Sec xxxxxx 4.271 MB/Sec
10 MBytes 5.039 MB/Sec xxxxx 4.390 MB/Sec
Conclusion: In tests 1,2 of the Ridata 52X/40X, the Sandisk reader is faster.

3.Ridata 512MB Super Fast 80X/60X, Sandisk FW reader
Does not work
4.Ridata 512MB Super Fast 80X/60X, Lexar FW reader
512 KBytes 10.169 MB/Sec xxxx 5.735 MB/Sec
1024 KBytes 10.311 MB/Sec xxx 7.100 MB/Sec
2 MBytes 10.333 MB/Sec xxxxxx 8.182 MB/Sec
10 MBytes 10.376 MB/Sec xxxxx 8.950 MB/Sec
Conclusion: In tests 3,4 the Ridata card and the Lexar reader both get a plus.

5.Sandisk 1GB 66X/60X, Sandisk FW reader
512 KBytes 7.137 MB/Sec xxxx 5.785 MB/Sec
1024 KBytes 7.159 MB/Sec xxx 6.133 MB/Sec
2 MBytes 7.173 MB/Sec xxxxxx 4.808 MB/Sec
10 MBytes 7.169 MB/Sec xxxxx 5.456 MB/Sec
6.Sandisk 1GB 66X/60X, Lexar FW reader
512 KBytes 13.783 MB/Sec xxxx 7.606 MB/Sec
1024 KBytes 14.107 MB/Sec xxx 8.106 MB/Sec
2 MBytes 14.289 MB/Sec xxxxxx 5.595 MB/Sec
10 MBytes 14.488 MB/Sec xxxxx 6.780 MB/Sec
Conclusion: In tests 5,6 the Sandisk card is fast and the Lexar reader is clearly faster.

The Lexar FW reader is a nice alternative to the Sandisk FW reader for those who can use it. k

05-13-2006, 06:26 PM
Kaye have you seen Ron Galbraith's site?


ignore me if you have :)

05-14-2006, 12:23 AM
No way I'll ignore you. Yes I've seen that excellent review, thanks. I do like to see what the cards and reader are capable of, not only read, but also write. And the new QB3 works well. k

07-21-2006, 08:03 AM
The Lexar FW400 CF card reader died. No matter what CF card is inserted into it, no mount and the CF card gets very hot, too hot to the touch unless grabbed to pull out by its sides. Cards tried are OK. I have an RMA in for exchange. I'm back to using the SanDisk FW400. k

07-21-2006, 05:30 PM

Did you catch the Sandisk press release of a few days ago? New Extreme IVs coming out. But something that might also interest you is the return of a Sandisk FW CF reader...but FW 800 this time around. :kickass:


07-21-2006, 07:17 PM
Yes, the reader has both FW800 and FW400 cables I think. Been looking at that but then when I get a replacement for the Lexar FW400 to go with the SanDisk FW400, probably don't need to spend more. Scary to think what might have happened if I had left the computer for a bit. Probably a fire. That new SanDisk is selling all over Europe but here seems as if only the SanDisk store. k

07-22-2006, 07:00 AM
More complete info about the SanDisk Extreme FireWire Reader SDDRX4-CF here. (http://www.sandisk.com/Products/Item(2006)-SDDRX4-CF-SanDisk_Extreme_FireWire_Reader.aspx) k

07-22-2006, 07:06 AM
I tested my tiny 32MB SD card in USB reader. A whopping 5MB/sec! :p

But handy as can be and replacement for those Zip disks I can't use.

A friend likes to email large home video. I think I'll try to get them to send it on SD card in the future.

09-02-2006, 02:45 PM
BareFeats Tested the SanDisk Extreme FW800 CF Reader

I purchased this reader at B&H Photo for about $85 including shipping, no CA tax. I don't trust the Lexar FW400 reader.

SanDisk Extreme® IV CompactFlash® 2GB Card with FireWire Reader Bundle
Price: $239.99

I did not purchase the above bundle with the Extreme® IV CompactFlash® 2GB (or larger) Card. And this FW800 reader is of course not near 40MB/s unless used with the Extreme IV card. The Extreme IV cards are expensive, way over the needs of my two digital cameras, and in fact could only be used by my later model camera. All in all a waste. However the FW800 reader does read every CF card I have and at a decent rate, both read and write.

Almost all, on my G5 using QB3.0, from 1024KB thru 10MBytes, test 13.5MB/s read, 9.0MB/s write. A few a little more or a little less. Plus, like the Lexar, it works with all the cards I have.

The SanDisk Extreme FW800 CF Reader comes with a FW800 cable with EMI/RFI choke at one end. Similarly, it comes with a FW800 to FW400 cable with the choke. It also comes with three CDs, none of which I need. Instructions also included. k

09-03-2006, 01:17 AM

Yeah saw that barefeats, sweet. When I get my stuff toghether, I'm going to order one of those package deals. Will probably hard to find from a local source since they all seem to ignore FW in favor of USB2 devices. I have seen the Exreme IV cards alone however, but I want that reader. :D

I'm curious about the Extreme IV. I have a single Extreme III, 1GB. And since trading up from a Canon 20D to a 5D, I need/want bigger and faster cards.
The Exreme III I have is the best I've got, and even with the 20D I noticed that in certain conditions a faster card helped.

09-03-2006, 07:16 AM
First eric you will note that the Extreme III CF card did not test near as fast as the Extreme IV for BareFeats. I looked at the SanDisk Compatibility List for the Canon EOS 5D and 20D http://sandisk.com/Compatibility/DeviceList.aspx?DeviceTypeID=1013&ManufacturerID=1020 and they both show compatibility except both have a note at the top of the page:
Maximum capacity for this device: May support up to 8GB
Please check with your device manufacturer for details. k

09-03-2006, 07:25 AM
Right now B&H only has bundle deals for the reader and 2GB and 4GB Extreme IV cards:

09-03-2006, 07:31 PM
I forgot, the FW800 reader comes with a travel case. B&H has a report here:

09-22-2006, 11:16 AM
As I reported on 07-21, my Lexar FW400 died while connected to my G5 and would have proved to be a fire hazard if I had not been there. I was sent an RMA along with a pdf file to print and fill out. Sent the Lexar back to Flash Memory Store via UPS and tracking indicated they received it 08-03. Then nothing, no replacement and no responses to my two email questions about where is my replacement.

That is, until I discovered that on my credit card statement, on 08-11 a charge by them for $4.95. So I called them and the person who I spoke with indicated it was a charge for sending a replacement except she could not find a tracking number so it was never sent. Tell me about it. She said she would send out the replacement that evening.

Instead, she sent me an email that evening that the Lexar was discontinued by the manufacturer. I emailed her back with several links:
1. Their own website showing the Lexar in stock for sale (and still is).
2. The Lexar website showing the Lexar in stock.
3. The Lexar store web page showing in stock.
4. A price grabber page showing about a dozen online sites showing in stock.

Instead of sending a replacement they still chose to credit my plastic. Terrible experience. k

12-20-2006, 02:19 PM
Keeping up with the pace of memory cards upgrades, competition, etc. is probably worse than computers. :D

Still haven't gotten around to getting a bigger CF Extreme IV + Extreme FW800 card reader. It's on my list for next year. As long as I'm taking it easy, I can get by with my 1GB Extreme III and two old and slow 1GB Transcends. But when pushed for speed (with RAW) then I want bigger and faster. Will get there, and I don't mind if prices drop. Found some 'local' albeit internet shops to get it from, which is good.

Meanwhile, I recently acquired a Leica D-Lux 3 which uses SD. (Yeah I know it's basically a Panasonic, but I was completely willing to pay the additional cost for the added benefits / differences.)

Yep, even with SD you get what you pay for. I just got a 2GB Sandisk III SD (top of line Sandisk SD) today. When using a USB2 reader, QuickBench shows for the extended test (20MB - 100MB) roughly 13.5+ MB/sec for both reads and writes. (In the box was also a a way to get Capture One LE for free, or a discount on the PRO upgrade -- not bad will check this stuff out. Here's a press release (http://www.phaseone.com/Content/Software/Sandiskextreme/ProductOverview.aspx))

For comparison I have an older 2GB Sandisk Ultra II SD, which QB shows for the same test roughly 8.7+ MB/sec for reads and writes. I also have a Transcend 2GB SD (bottom of line Transcend here), which shows roughly 8.8 MB/sec reads, but only 5.3 MB/sec writes. All 3 of my SD cards were purchased within the last 2 months.

I got that Ultra II for my Treo -- total overkill for a Treo I know. But I thought a few months ago when buying that I should go ahead and get a higher performance card in case I ever got an digital camera which took SD -- and look what happened. I picked up the Transcend really cheap on sale for EUR 35 as a convenient way to make a card-to-card backups.

But now with the little Leica in the house, I shuffled things around. I'm glad I got the Ultra II as I did; for it makes a solid secondary card for the Leica. My rule with a digital cameras is I never go out without a 2d card. (I also carry a spare battery, but I did that too with analog.) The Transcend now permanently resides in my Treo.

One good thing about memory cards for the moment is that one can't go too wrong getting top of the line Sandisks since they usually come out at or near the top. Makes buying decisions fairly straightfoward, kind of like my brand of computer...yo, just give me another Mac. :D

12-20-2006, 07:26 PM
I just purchased another Extreme FW800 reader from Amazon http://storagereview.pricegrabber.com/search_getprod.php/masterid=22858713 ordered on the 17th, standard free shipping, and it was on the door step when I arrived home this evening from a day on the peninsula. Wanted to get another. k

08-23-2007, 10:19 AM

What USB2 card reader are you using for the SD cards? k

08-25-2007, 07:10 AM
Hey Kaye,

Sorry for the delay. I'm on the last stages of my vacation, and now using a Vodafone Express Card (rebranded Option Globetrotter) in the MBP to connect via their cellular network, while sitting near the beach. The image sounds good, but getting the freaking thing to work in the MBP was, my friend, one serious pain in the rear and a story for another occasion. Freezes, stalls, hw conflict, with 3d-party sw (launch2net) and support coming to my rescue. Everything ugly about using a new peripheral came into play. But now that it works, the speeds on 3G are mighty impressive!

Anyway I use a Sandisk ImageMate CF (http://www.sandisk.com/Products/Item%281147%29-SDDR-92-A15-SanDisk_ImageMate_CompactFlash_ReaderWriter.aspx) reader for USB2. That one is for CF only, no other cards can be used. I also have a Express Card reader that I use with the MBP, probably around FW400 speeds with that. Still don't have a Sandisk FW800 reader.

08-25-2007, 12:53 PM
Understand eric. I purchased a Sandisk ImageMate 12-in-1 Reader Writer SDDR89A15 USB2.

That shipping minimum, I just chose UPS Second Day. It comes with a handy stand if you want to use it, called a dock:

It reads virtually everything, but I need it for SD for my Canon PowerShot A570 IS Digital Camera. Comes with a nice long USB2 cable (about 1 meter/39 inches) and a CD. Nothing for Mac on it unless you need drivers for OS 8.6+ or OS9+. Nice paper manual.

http://sandisk.com/Products/Item(1145)-SDDR-89-SanDisk_ImageMate_12in1_ReaderWriter.aspx (http://sandisk.com/Products/Item%281145%29-SDDR-89-SanDisk_ImageMate_12in1_ReaderWriter.aspx)

I have two SD cards, 1GB and 4GB (for longer movies). They are advertised as 133x. 1x is 150KB/s. So 133x is 19,950KB/s or about 19+MB/s.

The thumb drive for SD cards that came with the camera bundle looks similar to this:
Perfect small size for travel with an iBook G4 but slow for at home use with a desktop G4/G5 in my case.
On my G5, 133x SD 1GB card, thumb drive in USB2 port, QB3.1 2-10 MB, 3.6MB/s reads, 4.4MB/s writes.

By comparison, ImageMate, everything else the same as above
QB3.1 2-10 MB, 15.6MB/s reads, 9.4MB/s writes.
QB3.1 20-100 MB, 15.4MB/s reads, 9.4MB/s writes. k

08-30-2007, 05:44 AM
I was curious about how the ImageMate USB2 would compare with the SanDisk Extreme FW800/400 Reader. Looked through my CF1 cards to find one close to the SD 1GB 133x card. Found a 2GB 150x RiDATA.

G5, 10.4.10, ImageMate USB2, 1GB SD 133x card (previous test):
QB3.1 2-10 MB, 15.6 MB/s reads, 9.4 MB/s writes.

SanDisk FW800, 2GB CF1 150x RiDATA card:
QB3.1 2-10 MB, 14.4 MB/s reads, 10.5 MB/s writes.
ImageMate USB2, 2GB CF1 150x RiDATA card:
QB3.1 2-10 MB, 13.8 MB/s reads, 10.3 MB/s writes.

G5, 10.4.10, ImageMate USB2, 1GB SD 133x card (previous test):
QB3.1 20-100 MB, 15.4 MB/s reads, 9.4 MB/s writes.

SanDisk FW800, 2GB CF1 150x RiDATA card:
QB3.1 20-100 MB, 14.1 MB/s reads, 10.9 MB/s writes.
ImageMate USB2, 2GB CF1 150x RiDATA card:
QB3.1 20-100 MB, 13.8 MB/s reads, 10.7 MB/s writes.

Pretty even between the ImageMate and SanDisk Extreme readers. The SD card is faster reads and slower writes. Results would also depend on how current FW800 and USB2 of your computer is tho. All together, the SanDisk ImageMate 12-in-1 USB2 is a great reader.

However the SanDisk Extreme FW800/400 Reader, and my Canon A75 (currently in Iceland with Da Boss), would benefit from an even faster CF card, faster write after a photo is taken, faster read to show the photo on the LCD screen, as well as ready for the next shot, such as the SanDisk Extreme IV 2GB card, nearly 40MB/s. That and an ImageMate USB reader test with the card will have to wait for another day. k

09-01-2007, 06:52 AM
Two Extremes, SanDisk Extreme FW800/400 Reader at FW800 and SanDisk Extreme IV 2GB CF card followed by tests of the same card in a SanDisk ImageMate 12-in-1 Reader USB2 on my G5. Edited to reduce the size:

QuickBench™ 3.1 Test Results
©2000-2006 Intech Software Corp.
Test Volume Name: Canon
Test Volume Type: PC DOS File System
Test Volume Size: 1.906 Gigabytes
Test Volume Free Space: 1.906 Gigabytes
Allow Write Cache Purges: Disabled

Extended Test Results:
Test Cycles: 1
Ext. Xfer Size Extended Read Extended Write
2 MBytes 39.808 MB/Sec 27.513 MB/Sec
3 MBytes 39.904 MB/Sec 21.799 MB/Sec
4 MBytes 39.920 MB/Sec 22.911 MB/Sec
5 MBytes 39.910 MB/Sec 25.224 MB/Sec
6 MBytes 39.945 MB/Sec 26.886 MB/Sec
7 MBytes 39.952 MB/Sec 28.162 MB/Sec
8 MBytes 39.916 MB/Sec 29.108 MB/Sec
9 MBytes 39.927 MB/Sec 29.998 MB/Sec
10 MBytes 39.926 MB/Sec 30.762 MB/Sec

20 MBytes 39.391 MB/Sec 36.276 MB/Sec
30 MBytes 39.420 MB/Sec 35.329 MB/Sec
40 MBytes 39.370 MB/Sec 35.728 MB/Sec
50 MBytes 39.207 MB/Sec 36.202 MB/Sec
60 MBytes 39.255 MB/Sec 36.530 MB/Sec
70 MBytes 39.365 MB/Sec 36.709 MB/Sec
80 MBytes 39.393 MB/Sec 36.897 MB/Sec
90 MBytes 39.234 MB/Sec 37.015 MB/Sec
100 MBytes 39.345 MB/Sec 37.101 MB/Sec
ImageMate USB2:
Extended Test Results:
Test Cycles: 1
Ext. Xfer Size Extended Read Extended Write
2 MBytes 15.502 MB/Sec 10.708 MB/Sec
3 MBytes 15.567 MB/Sec 10.969 MB/Sec
4 MBytes 15.578 MB/Sec 10.747 MB/Sec
5 MBytes 15.383 MB/Sec 11.744 MB/Sec
6 MBytes 15.389 MB/Sec 11.778 MB/Sec
7 MBytes 15.393 MB/Sec 11.954 MB/Sec
8 MBytes 15.490 MB/Sec 12.147 MB/Sec
9 MBytes 15.615 MB/Sec 12.509 MB/Sec
10 MBytes 15.627 MB/Sec 12.682 MB/Sec

20 MBytes 15.426 MB/Sec 13.426 MB/Sec
30 MBytes 15.484 MB/Sec 13.367 MB/Sec
40 MBytes 15.417 MB/Sec 13.583 MB/Sec
50 MBytes 15.422 MB/Sec 13.473 MB/Sec
60 MBytes 15.488 MB/Sec 13.514 MB/Sec
70 MBytes 15.468 MB/Sec 13.533 MB/Sec
80 MBytes 15.462 MB/Sec 13.546 MB/Sec
90 MBytes 15.464 MB/Sec 13.583 MB/Sec
100 MBytes 15.470 MB/Sec 13.575 MB/Sec
The SanDisk Extreme IV 2GB CF card comes with the usual plastic storage case but also a soft keychain travel case that can accept either the card alone or the card in plastic case. SanDisk now has one faster CF card, the SanDisk Extreme Ducati Edition at 45MB/s in 4GB and 8GB only. k

09-01-2007, 10:18 AM
Just a note on pricing. I saw Adorama has Sandisk ExtremeIII in a sale. A pair of their 1 GB cards for $40. Pretty good deal for good Cardbus cards.


09-03-2007, 07:35 AM
Just a very quick follow up on Rick's comment about the Extreme IIIs, and performance versus the IVs.

Had to go looking, but found a link:


True to one of the Gurus key point...it's about the throughput! Gotta have the right HW, in the case at least a fast reader, to take advantage of the difference.

I still don't have any Extreme IVs in my camera bag only an Extreme III. Been waiting, and I know that with my Canon 5D shooting raw, I need big cards! When I get some, I getting that FW800 Extreme reader, I can then do some benchmarking of them on the MBP with USB2, FW400, FW800, and Express readers....

09-03-2007, 08:15 AM
Very interesting review eric. Now I have to wait for SanDisk to come out with an Extreme IV SD card and a reader to match. k

09-04-2007, 12:46 AM
Here is another interesting review:

My previous test of the 2 Extreme IV's, FW800 reader and 2GB CF card, the speed at 100MB, 269x read, 253x write. 40MB/s would be 273x. k

09-22-2007, 07:19 AM
Followup, the SanDisk Extreme IV 2GB CF card works great in the wife's Canon PowerShot A75 camera, both digital photo and movie mode. Never know for sure until you try a CF card whether it will work with the camera, mainly I suppose depending on how old the camera is.

Only annoying thing about the A75 which she wanted because of its ability to imprint the date and time on the photo, is that when you go to movie mode it cancels out the date and time imprint when returning to photo mode. Must turn on the feature in two separate menus, a pain. k

09-30-2007, 12:23 PM
I wanted one more SD card for the Canon PowerShot A570 IS Digital Camera so I purchased a Ritek RiDATA 2GB 150x SD
here http://meritline.stores.yahoo.net/ridata-2gb-150x-secure-digital-sd-card.html and while I was at it a Pen/Thumb/Flash USB2 drive for routine transfers between my G5 and the iBook G4.

Chose the Ritek 2GB USB 2.0 TWISTER USB Drive, Ritek Ridata EZ Drive Pro Series, Thumb-sized Portable USB Storage Flash Drive.
This Twister is particularly sweet, small and fast and twists around to enclose itself so no need for a lanyard and cover when storing the pen drive. Has a drive activity LED and a pocket clip on the other side. Works out of the box. No need to initialize nor to run that PC utility in order to recognize 2GB size. Ships with 2 pdf manuals and an exe file for PC on the pen drive. Copied all to the G5 and then trashed the files on the pen drive.

G5, 10.4.10, SanDisk ImageMate USB2:
Ritek RiDATA 2GB 150x SD, Intech QuickBench™ 3.1 Test Results (edited):
512 KBytes 14.664 MB/Sec Read 7.605 MB/Sec Write
1024 KBytes 14.328 MB/Sec Read 8.847 MB/Sec Write
2 MBytes 14.677 MB/Sec Read 10.285 MB/Sec Write
10 MBytes 14.644 MB/Sec Read 10.347 MB/Sec Write
100 MBytes 14.553 MB/Sec Read 10.308 MB/Sec Write

G5, 10.4.10, Ritek RiDATA 2GB USB 2.0 TWISTER USB pen Drive,
(plugged into G5 front USB2 port),
Intech QuickBench™ 3.1 Test Results (edited):
512 KBytes 17.878 MB/Sec Read 6.628 MB/Sec Write
1024 KBytes 17.782 MB/Sec Read 6.848 MB/Sec Write
2 MBytes 17.742 MB/Sec Read 4.322 MB/Sec Write
10 MBytes 17.843 MB/Sec Read 7.141 MB/Sec Write
100 MBytes 17.829 MB/Sec Read 7.528 MB/Sec Write

That should do it for all my needs. The Canon PowerShot A570 IS will work with SD Memory Card, SDHC (High Capacity, almost all 4GB are SDHC and all 8GB SDHC) Memory Card, and MultiMedia Card. Largest CF cards I have seen are 16GB and 12GB (both SanDisk Extreme III CF cards and expensive). k

03-27-2008, 09:15 AM
I have three SD cards:
Dane Elec 133x 1GB
Dane Elec 133x 4GB SDHC
RiData 150x 2GB

Looking for more, I went to the SanDisk website:
SanDisk Extreme® III SDHC 4GB
SDSDRX3-4096-901 $140 (OUCH) 20MB/s read/write with MicroMate USB2 reader.
133x, includes soft case. The SanDisk website does have the capability of checking to see if your digital camera can use the card and the max size they recommend, in my case the Canon A570is. It recommended 4GB max size and cautioned against 8GB as not tested.

So I did a search and found Adorama had the best price.

Purchased 3 of these at Adorama:
Regular Price $49.95 each
Mail-in Rebate -$30.00 each, a download pdf doc
Final Price $19.95 each
The Mail-in Rebate has 2 options,
1. Gift Check, can only be used point of purchase, in my case Adorama. If you choose this option, Adorama will add 10% to the value of the gift check. I don't shop at Adorama that much so not good option for me.
Buy 3 cards (SanDisk Extreme® III SDHC 4GB), get back $110 + 10%.
2. Visa Gift Card (Visa Prepaid Card, a Visa Debit Card) worth $110. I chose this one.

Shipment is on the way. Should get it today or tomorrow. Will test it in the camera and MicroMate plus see how fast it is. I did not wait because the last day to purchase and be eligible for the rebate is 3/30/08. k

03-27-2008, 01:35 PM

Yet another thing I've been meaning to test and send to you. I bought one of those Sandisk Extreme III 4GB SDHC + Micromate reader. It's fast for an SD card -- CF still rules for speed -- particularly when used with the right readers like the Micromate.

I'ts a nice bundle, I don't think you'll be disappointed.

My Canon 1D Mk III has both a CF slot and an SD slot -- yeah I wish it were like the flagship Nikon that has two CF slots. So I decided to get that Extreme 4GB SDHC card for the smaller slot. Usually have Extreme IV CF in there as well. That's 8GB of fast cards -- some of the fastest cards around.

03-27-2008, 02:47 PM
Very interesting eric. Didn't know there are cameras with 2 slots. Even if the A570 IS had two SD slots, that would be handy. It will do movies up to 640x480 at 30fps and at a max movie length up to the 4GB free memory size. Two cards would be neat. k

03-29-2008, 12:54 PM
The SanDisk stuff came in a cardboard box with a plastic blister pack inside. Previously I could only open these sealed blister packs with tin snips but it made a real mess of the blister pack. Now I have this and it works great:
Openit! Package Opener
CyberGuys has some cheaper ones but they don't work nearly as well.

Includes, Extreme® III SDHC 4GB in a small clear plastic case.
MicroMate with a clear plastic cover for the USB2 plug.
Zippered soft case to hold the card case and MicroMate w/ plug cover.
Warranty/registration booklet.
Mini CD for application RescuePRO (does work in OSX). I did not try it.

G5, 10.4.11, SanDisk MicroMate USB2, G5 USB2 front port (for all tests below):
SanDisk Extreme III 4GB 133x SDHC, Intech QuickBench™ 3.1 Test Results (edited):

Description same as above except SanDisk ImageMate USB2:

Pretty much the same results. The advantage to the MicroMate is that it only reads SD and SDHC and is very small and portable. The ImageMate reads 12 different types of cards and does that very well but not so small and portable.

Previously, the only other recent USB2 test is a portable Maxtor OneTouch4 Mini 160GB hard drive, Maxtor case, Seagate 5400RPM - 8MB cache drive.
So USB2 on my G5 is capable of faster than the SanDisk stuff tho rated at 20MB/s read/write. k

06-06-2008, 06:53 PM
I received the mail-in rebate from SanDisk for my purchase of 3 SanDisk Extreme® III SDHC 4GB from Adorama.

Even tho I chose the option of the Visa Gift Card (Visa Prepaid Card, a Visa Debit Card) worth $110, SanDisk sent the Gift Card and the other option, the Gift Check made out to Adorama, also for $110. Used the Gift Check today. k