View Full Version : sharing video files between mac and pc

01-22-2005, 10:27 AM

I will be putting together a very, very simple very short documentary. I have never does this before. I will be using either imovie or final cut express. I have to learn how to use these programs.

I will be putting together pre-existing film clips and still photographs as well as digital clips of interviews, etc. There will be narration.

I will be sending/receiving clips, etc. to and from people who have windows computers. The video files may be larger or smaller.

In addition, the laptop I have and may use on the road while recording interviews, is a pc laptop.

From my research I see that there is a good file sharing system between macs and pcs. However, I can't find any information yet about sharing video files between macs and pcs...can macs and pcs share video files if the file comes out of imovie or final cute express? Is this complicated? Does this sort of file sharing need alot of hard drive or memory in both sending and receivng computers?