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01-03-2005, 03:29 PM

I just heard rumors that the 1394 400 ports on the 1.42 MDD were "notorious" for corrupting data. That FireWire drives on the 1.42 would be subject to sudden data loss, corruption, etc.

I'm going to be relying on this machine more for some video stuff and am wondering if this is the news that will (finally) get me to spring for an outboard Seritek/burly SATA RAID rig (for uber-redundancy, etc.).

Has anyone heard these rumors?

Thanks in advance!


01-03-2005, 04:50 PM
This will be interesting.

Older Macs, especially the first Fire Wire equipped Blue and White G3s are "notorious", mainly because they used Fire Wire in its infancy. Lots of progress since then.

Fire Wire itself is not as reliable as it should be; most problems seem to stem from users hot swapping drives. Although this *should* work, too often it does not. The easiest way to avoid those issues is pretending it is SCSI: shut down the Mac before plug/unplug any FW drives, then boot up. Always the safest way to go.

The second most common problem that comes to mind is problems with certain models of drives, and some recent OS updates. There are ways to minimize the problems, such as having all FW devices unplugged during the OS updates, and keeping the FW devices firmware up to date.

As far as FW hardware problems specific to the MDD...that would be news to me. We have about 6 of them at work, and never any FW problems worth noting.

01-04-2005, 05:39 AM
I think it depends on whose FW cases and drives, OS version, cables, etc and whether 911, 912, 922, or Initio firmware. I haven't had trouble with Granite FireVue cases but I would go with the SATA solution anyway. personally, you couldn't pry my hands off my SCSI equipment though :D

And yes, there are Fujitsu 300GB 10K drives that are nice, but I think the latest SATA-II drives should do well when done right.

01-04-2005, 03:48 PM

Thanks for the input!

Indeed, there are a few reasons I'm thinking of going SATA RAID as opposed to LVD:

1.) Man, it's _cheap_ to do it SATA!

2.) The SATA drives have gotten really fast...IDE used to be such a dog.

3.) I've got a couple free slots on the MDD.

On the other hand, on the G5, I have _no_ slots left, so there I'll be adding a Glyph drive, on the advice of a rep who (thus far) hasn't steered me wrong. In the audio world, lotsa people are using Glyphs and I'm willing to gamble a couple hundred bux to that end. Didn't think about possibly building one. ;-)

Regarding LVD, I still trust SCSI _way_more_ for ruggedness and reliability.

For a client of mine, I've managed a 4-year old Compaq DL-380 with a single 9GB 10K Cheetah...the thing's only got 512MB RAM and is running w2k (so it's hitting the disk a _lot_ on swap).

Well, this last holiday season, there was a huge increase in traffic (literally 10-fold) as a result of a favorable national magazine review and, IMHO, if that thing had been running an IDE drive, it've burst into flames.

I do wish Apple had added a few more PCI slots to the G5s...I guess the Magma break-out PCI farms are viable, but I'd just as soon keep everything on the motherboard.

For that G4, though, I may have to think about an Initio RAID rig too and compare prices with a corresponding FirmTek SATA rig. Obviously, a person would be dealing with smaller drives I guess.

Thanks again!