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09-26-2004, 10:15 AM
I am far from a Pro at this but my wife just returned from Peru visiting Lima, Cusco, and a doing a strenuous hike up the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu at 14,000 feet. She took along our Canon A40 digital camera which is getting long in the tooth now. I preset it for fully automatic and it's best settings which is 1600 wide x1200 high pixels at 180 pixels/inch, each a JPEG at about 1MB. She took 212 shots. I was amazed how well she did.

Using 10.3.5, latest versions of iDVD, iPhoto, and iTunes on an MDD G4-1.25GHz DP dual boot FW400 ATI 9800 Pro ME with latest QuickTime Pro and the latest Apple MPEG2 plugin.

Anyway, I imported the shots into iPhoto and it dumps them into the Photo Library. I then created a new album, called it Machu Picchu, and moved those shots to that album. Then went thru all of the shots and only found three to trash where I think she mistakenly hit the "shutter" button. As I was going thru, I rotated those shots that she had the camera in vertical orientation. Now have 209 shots. Quit iPhoto.

Wanted some Peruvian and Machu Picchu specific music so a Google search found a lot of CD's to purchase but also some freebies so I downloaded all of the freebies and double clicked one. iTunes started up so I imported the rest of the files into iTunes, all into the Library. Created a new Playlist, called it Machu Picchu and dumped the files in there. Quit iTunes.

Launched iDVD and in a New Project named it Machu Picchu. Went to Preferences first and set what I wanted, Best Quality, no Apple Logo, Always add original slideshow photos to DVD-ROM, YES, so individaul shots could be printed by anyone who I send the DVD to, and finally Always scale slides to TV Safe Area, NO.

One of the beauties of creating slideshows in iDVD is that, when you click the Customize box, it looks for the photos in iPhoto, and the audio in iTunes when you select Media in the Customize pane. I won't go thru all of the nuts and bolts of setup except to mention that you are limited to 99 slides for each Slideshow. So each Slideshow, I created three, had 70, 70, and 69 for a total of 209 slides. I used the Cube transition for each Slideshow, one rotating left, one rotating down, and one rotating up.

Finally, the total in Status of the Customize pane showed about 1GB. I closed the pane and did my final save of the project. Clicked Burn and the SuperDrive tray opened and I put a blank DVD-R in it and closed the tray with the keyboard eject key, top right key. And iDVD starts its steps of crunching. Took 68 minutes. Tray opens automatically and a window asks if I want to burn another.

I took the burned DVD to my DVD player connected to a Sony XBR 36" flatscreen and ran the three Slideshows. Amazing video and audio quality and at full screen. When I returned to the MDD, the tray is still open and still asking. Put another blank in and used the keyboard key to close the door. Took 16 minutes because it starts at Step 4 instead of Step 1. It is a good idea to have an idea of how many copies you want to make, in my case 9 copies for several of the hiking participants as well as the owner of the hiking company, Call of the Wild in Berkeley. Saves lots of time. k

09-28-2004, 12:52 PM
Some nuts and bolts observations. First, word got out amongst the hikers and the leaders so I had to burn 5 more copies. As I mentioned in my previous post, starting another burn from Step 1 again took 68 minutes. The rest of the copies I made were 16 minutes again.

Some other things I do before burning in iDVD:
1. In Energy Saver, I do not let the hard drives sleep.

2. Quit Hardware Monitor, Granite SMARTVue Pro, QuicKeys, and any other visible apps. In addition, the first two poll the hard drives at set intervals for SMART data.

3. No FW drives running, unless I need them. The polling interrupts burning, slows the crunching.

4. Even with the power of my MDD DP, there were many times when both the burn pinwheel and the candy striped thermometer bar will come to a complete stop. You will think the app has frozen. Not so, just heavy crunching going on. Once Step 4 gets going (Multiplexing and burning), I did not see the pinwheel nor the striped bar stop. Until you get into Step 4, your blank DVD-R is untouched, no data written to it at all, still a blank.

5. In Preferences, as I mentioned before, the pref Always scale slides to TV Safe Area, NO. The reason you might want YES is that due to overscan of a TV, If you absolutely must show the entire slide, then YES, but it reduces the size of the slide and you see any edge distortion of the TV. Much better to choose NO and allow the TV that slight overscan plus you are looking at the slides full screen.

If I think of more, I will post. k

09-29-2004, 07:40 AM
kaye, I found an interesting thread in the Macworld forums recently using iMovie to make a slideshow.


09-29-2004, 08:55 AM

That is very interesting. I copied that whole thread if I ever do go thru iMovie to iDVD for slides or to export to Quicktime for the web. Thanks for the info.

BTW, this morning I discovered iDVD > MenuBar > File > Archive project... to move the complete project to another computer. That way I can move it from my MDD to my QuickSilver. :dance: k

10-05-2004, 08:20 AM
Yesterday I tried the Archive project on my MDD. It asks what portion of the project you want to archive. I selected everything and archived to a FW400 drive. On my QS/PF I double clicked the archive on the FW400 drive and iDVD opened up and everything was there for the project.

I was curious now about my new FW400 drive so I previewed the whole project and the FW400 drive was constantly working with its drive activity LEDs going but its LCD SMART readout showed constant small file size activity.

I quit iDVD without saving and copied the project to one of my QS/PF data drives. Double clicked the archive on my data drive and ran thru the whole project. Everything there and this time I saved to the data drive. Now I can burn DVDs for the project on my QS/PF and see how the time for crunching and burning compares to the MDD. That will be for later. But archiving works very well. k

10-15-2004, 10:05 AM
Last bit about this project, this time burning it on my QS/PF in comparison to my MDD. Project exactly the same, no changes.

Both SuperDrives burn DVD-R at 2x, the QS/PF a Pioneer DVR-103, the MDD a Pioneer DVR-104. Some other functions of the MDD SuperDrive are faster tho. I used the same 2x media for both. The QS/PF has a slightly slower DP but twice the L2 per CPU and the same L3. Also slower Front Side Bus and RAM on the QS/PF. Same amount of RAM on both G4's. Both running 10.3.5.

MDD took 68 minutes, then 16 minutes to burn another.
QS/PF took 83 minutes, then 16 minutes to burn another. In fact, just to get to Stage 4, the actual Multiplexing and burning, the QS/PF took 67 minutes for the crunching, or almost the same time it took the MDD to do the entire project, crunching and burning.

Obviously, a faster G4 DP MDD or a G5 DP would be mo betta for the crunching time, as well as a faster burner and media for Stage 4. k

04-21-2005, 07:52 AM
I redid the Machu Picchu, Peru DVD project, now on my GigaMDD, still with iLife 4 apps. The main part of the project was importing more Machu Picchu specific music into iTunes and I have learned more with iPhoto and its capabilities to enhance each digital pic for better brightness, contrast, and color. I also added more pics, up from 209 to 390. The Enhance function in iPhoto warks marvelously well. Out of the 390, I only undid about 5 of the enhancements. Working with those two apps took me a full day but the results were stunning to me, not only the brightness, color, contrast but also the 3D effect.

Then yesterday morning I made all of the changes/additions in iDVD and started burning in the afternoon. This time I did not quit background apps.

From start to finish of the first burning, when the SuperDrive door opened with the completed DVD-R, was 117 minutes of which 91 minutes was for crunching thru completion of Stage 3, and 26 minutes for Stage 4, mutiplexing and burning. I had to make 11 copies of the project for the wife to take to Monterey this weekend for a get together of the Machu Picchu hike participants so each subsequent burn was that same 26 minutes to get thru Stage 4. I even let the screensaver take over after 30 minutes, and the GigaMDD never hiccupped nor did it increase Stage 4 time.

Of course, faster processors, faster SuperDrive (mine is a PIONEER DVD-RW DVR-104), faster media would help, but mainly faster processors to complete the crunch time, and faster SuperDrive and media if doing a lot of copies as I was. k

04-21-2005, 09:04 AM
The opening Theme screen now looks like this
Still limited in iDVD 4 to 99 pics per Slideshow so I have it broken up into 5 Slideshows now (SS=Slideshow). BTW, as you can see on the pic, the Peruvians call it as one word Machupicchu.

The DVD is only about 25% full. k

08-03-2005, 08:40 AM
Completed a project of Da Boss's trip to Norway with Slideshows in iDVD 5 on my G5. Comparing with a previous project on my GigaMDD:

SuperDrive DVR-109 / DVR-104
iDVD 5 / iDVD 4
2x DVD-R media
Writes up to 16x / up to 2x (I need faster DVD-R media for the G5 as well as some DL)
Norway / Machu Picchu
491 slides, 486 transitions / 390 slides, 385 transitions
Time to crunch encoding, processing, rendering menus, slides, transitions, and audio:
37 minutes / 91 minutes
even tho the G5 had about 100 more slides and transitions
Multiplex and Burn:
29 minutes / 26 minutes
tho the G5 completed Multiplex much faster even with more slides and transitions, actual Burning is still 2x because of the 2x media

I did not quit any background apps for either of these tests. The G5, tho I have set Energy Saver to sleep the Cinema Display in 20 minutes, it did not sleep during any phase of this operation. The GigaMDD with iDVD 4 I allowed the CRT monitor to sleep and it did.

iDVD 5 has a revised window during this process with much more info about what is going on including small pics of all of the slides and transitions as it crunches thru them for each slideshow. Also like its new Themes (opening Menu screen) many with motion and lots of places to drop selected slides and with audio and transitions both new and old. k

08-05-2005, 06:50 AM
A bit off topic but I wanted to try burning two different sets of CD-Rs on my G5 from within iPhoto without exporting to Toast Titanium. Never having tried that and wanting to be sure that the CD-Rs would work on a PeeCee (it is an option in Toast), there is no option in iPhoto. Burned them and waited for my son to get home from work. Worked just fine on his PeeCee.

The G5 SuperDrive DVR-109 is rated for writing CD-Rs at up to 24x and reading CDs at up to 32x. Well the burn function in iPhoto chose to write at 32x in its menu, my CD-Rs are TDK data 700MB at up to 48x. I have never updated the firmware, if it works don't fix it. Firmware Revision: A912 according to System Profiler. k

08-08-2005, 07:29 AM
Back to burning the Norway project in iDVD 5. This page http://dvd.kentidwell.com/?page_id=23 has a wealth of info comparing Best Quality with Best Performance. Can be a confusing issue. So once you have your project completed you can change from one to the other if you like. I especially like this chart

However when I tried changing from Best Quality to Best Performance in Preferences and burning a DVD, I saw no difference. Huh? This is an under 60 minute project. So I went to the Apple iDVD info and found this page http://docs.info.apple.com/article.html?artnum=164975 and buried in that page is a reference to choosing from the MenuBar Advanced > Delete Encoded Assets before burning the project again, otherwise it still burns with the previous encoded assets. You don't need to change the content and you can change from Best Quality to Best Performance or vice versa in Preferences but you must Delete Encoded Assets. Having done those steps and burning another DVD as a test, I could definitely see the difference between Best Quality and Best Performance. k

08-11-2005, 08:55 AM
I purchased some faster DVD-R media, two 25 pack cakeboxes, and a small amount of DL DVD+R, a 3 pack. The DVD-R is BeAll (Samsung) 1-16x and that is clearly imprinted on the top face of the media which is helpful for me since my slower 2x media looks the same both front and back. The DL is Verbatim with which I have no experience and it does 2.4x, 4x, 5x, and up to 6x. My Pioneer DVR-109 SuperDrive says it will do up to 4x in DL. I will have to compose a long project in iMovie before trying the DL.

Back to the Norway project with the new 16x DVD-R media. The SuperDrive is supposed to be able to write DVD-R at up to 16x. Remember that the old 2x media did the Multiplex (which takes less than a minute on the G5) and Burn in 29 minutes. This time Multiplex and Burn took 5.5 minutes at Best Quality. The DVD played perfectly in my DVD player.

Mucho better but the burn rate comparison made me wonder. Also apparently you cannnot compare the burn rate for CDs (1x=150KB/sec) with the burn rate for DVDs. Also in iDVD, you cannot tell what speed the burn is at. So I put a blank 16x DVD-R in Toast Titanium and it said 12x max. Tried Popcorn and it also said 12x max. I then put one of the old 2x DVD-R in Toast and it said 1x only. Popcorn the same. Don't know what to think. Lots of complaints on the web about SuperDrives not burning up to their claimed Max DVD speed. More stuff indicating that 8x burning is best for compatibility with DVD players. Anyway, tho confusing, it all works and still no DVD coaster and compatibility with my DVD player. k

08-11-2005, 11:57 AM
MPEG Streamclip 1.3.1

High-quality converter for MPEG files and transport streams, now with AVI/DivX export!

MPEG Streamclip is an application that converts MPEG files (including transport streams) into muxed, demuxed, QuickTime, AVI and DV files with more than professional quality, so you can easily import them in Final Cut Pro, DVD Studio Pro and Toast 6.


08-18-2005, 04:09 PM
I wanted to try out the DL media (on my G5) that I had purchased so decided the quickest way would be to use MacTheRipper v2.6.6 on one of my purchased commercial DVDs and then burn in Roxio Popcorn v1.0.3. I chose AVIATOR. Here is where I purchased the media http://www.meritline.com/dl-dvd-r-dual-double-layer-verbatim.html and I got the 3 pack. Stuff is not cheap but will write up to 6x. My SuperDrive writes up to 4x DL.

The docs for MTR are so detailed that I printed them up and followed the instructions for both the Preferences, the Mode window, and the Disc window. I chose Full Disk Extraction, meaning everything on the disk, 7.63GB. Rip time was 26 minutes, 51 seconds. MTR creates a folder, AVIATOR, with everything inside, I chose on the desktop so I wouldn't have to look for the folder.

Before burning the DVD, launch DVD Player and navigate to the folder and choose whats inside and DVD Player will play it as if it were a DVD if the rip and all your MTR prefs were correctly chosen. Only takes a few minutes to watch a bit of the DVD as well as navigate thru the other selections besides Play and saves possibly burning a coaster. These DL disks are not cheap, almost $5 each.

Then you can go to burning. Toast 6 or Tiger Disk Utility will do it but there are hoops you have to jump thru whereas Popcorn will do it directly.

Keep in mind that Popcorn will burn to a SL DVD or to a DL DVD. I launched Popcorn and dragged the AVIATOR folder into the Popcorn window and Popcorn automaticaly change to a Copy Format of VIDEO_TS Folder. Inserted the DL media and changed the mini-window selection just above the Burn button to DL. A SL media, Popcorn said it would compress 43% with a quality it calls Good.

Burn time for DL at 4x 7.63GB is 25 minutes 19 seconds. If you choose Verify, that took 18 minutes 27 seconds because the SuperDrive reads this media faster than it writes. The burned DVD played fine in my SuperDrive. And it played just fine in my DVD player attached to my TV and it played just as well as the original in all respects.

Popcorn window

08-20-2005, 06:40 AM
I wanted to try my new SL DVD-R media on the same AVIATOR file. BTW, I have both that and an Apollo 13 file I ripped from my purchased DVD. The size of both is nearly 16GB on my boot drive. Plus Popcorn Prefs creates a temporary storage, used to temporarily store files while compressing and copying. Up to 15GB of free disk space may be required. The Prefs do allow using another drive for this. Good reason to have a large boot drive if you don't have another.

The cost difference between the faster writing SL media and the slower DL media is about $.55 vs $5. Plus writing at 12x vs 4x. But how about quality?

The sequencing of Popcorn changes dramatically with the DVD-R media and a 7.63GB file to squeeze onto it. Compressing with what Popcorn calls Good at 43% compression took 16 minutes 15 seconds. There was no compressing with the DL media. Writing took 7 minutes 17 seconds for a total of 23 minutes 32 seconds whereas the total for the DL media was 27 minutes with no compression. Not much difference there.

Put the SL copy in my JVC DVD player connected to a 36" Sony XBR and compared to the original and the DL copy. The original and the DL copy are virtually identical. The SL copy not quite so good but amazingly good considering the compression. The SL copy had a softness to it or slight degradation of clarity or focus (best I can describe this). Not always the case, sometimes the same but on screens with a lot of detail, like a room full of hundreds of people in widescreen, the detail was not as good. Hair also a bit muddied, not as detailed where you can see every strand on DL. Text, like the FBI warning, also consistently showed slight ghosting. Audio was also compressed but I am near deaf according to others in the house and my son was not available to listen. So I cannot say about audio.

I am not into archiving my originals. If I were I would use DL. If you don't have a DL burner, then the SL is amazingly good, considering the compression necessary. So far all of my iMovie to iDVD work is less than 1 hour so I can get the best of Best Quality with the SL media. And the slideshow work I have done can easily fit on SL media. Even with almost 500 slides and near 500 transitions plus audio and opening screen, that was only 1.1GB as I recall. k

03-16-2006, 11:20 AM
Broke down and purchased iLife '06 and now glad I did. Just the integration between iPhoto v6.0.2 and iDVD v6.0.1 with iTunes v6.0.4 in that mix is very nice. Yet to try iWeb v1.0.1, GarageBand 3.0.1, and iMovie HD v6.0.1, OS 10.4.5 on my G5.

Da Boss and her friend Birgit flew to Albuquerque, NM to meet up with mutual friends Paul and Eva driving from Florida, 3 Germans and my Austrian Boss. Very little English spoken when they are all together. And Paul likes having three women around. So two car caravan (I rented a car with ski rack) driving to Telluride, CO which is about 7 hours with skis, poles, boots, and large bags for clothes. Wife took her Canon A75 digital.

Uploaded 100 digital photos into iPhoto which has a bunch of new features. Created a Slideshow within iPhoto with Ken Burns effect and random picked transitions as well as music selected from iTunes but still within iPhoto and saved it as Telluride Slideshow. Can be run on my G5 within iPhoto and I transferred it to the wife's iBook for her to view. She loved it.

Continuing in iPhoto, there is a Menu Bar item Share > Send to iDVD. Did that. Created a Theme with 10 selected photos and more music from iTunes but within iDVD. The first burn completed but when the SuperDrive tray opened, iDVD quit and no window appeared. What's up with that? I had repaired permissions and run DU Verify Drive several times. So I spent most of the morning day before yesterday on the Apple Support Forums to see if anyone else had the Quit after completion of the burn. Lots of problems but none specific to mine after the burn. In the meantime I installed the latest Security Update yesterday afternoon. Then more permissions repair and verifying the drive.

Last night I tried iDVD again and this time instead of quitting after burn and the SuperDrive tray opened, I got the window asking if I wanted to burn another DVD. Burned 4 more DVDs. Whatever the problem was, it is now solved or until the next project. BTW, Project Info is no longer a sliding pane off of the main iDVD window. Now you go to the Menu Bar > Project > Project Info or just do Command-I. Has more info too than the old sliding pane.

My Slideshow consists of 100 slides with Ken Burns effect and random Transitions in iPhoto. iDVD still goes thru this process:
1. Prepare.
2. Process Menus, in my case the one Theme/Menu, and it processes both video and audio.
3. Process Slideshows, it immediately proceeds to step 4, because with the Ken Burns and random Transitions, iPhoto created a QT movie.
4. Process Movies, both video and audio, this takes the longest time.
5. Burn, using write speed 1x-4x DVD-R media, tho this PIONEER DVD-RW DVR-109 SuperDrive is capable of up to 16x (as well as 4x) write speed with DVD-R media.

iDVD Project Info:
Video Mode: NTSC, Aspect Ratio: Standard (4:3), Encoding: Best Quality, DVD Type: DVD-R Single Layer (SL) 4.2GB, Project Duration: 30:06 Minutes, DVD Capacity: 1.3GB of 4.2GB, Motion Menus: 12:37 of 15:00, Tracks: 1 of 99, Menus: 1 of 99.

In the Finder, the project file shows 1.6GB despite the 1.3GB it shows in iDVD. The burned DVD shows 1.62GB. During step 4, Process Movies, Encoding Video, saw a lot of 100-106% in Activity Monitor, with a range of 95-150%. Compressor has been imbedded in iDVD since version 4 so I don't know if iDVD v6 is actually DP aware where needed or if it is actually Compressor that is causing the DP activity. An operation like step 5 Burn only used 13%, perhaps more if I had used faster media. I still have a ton of the media, but it works on the G5, GigaMDD, and QS/PF. Have not tried the iBook G4 yet.

For the 30 minute project, iDVD took 52 minutes for the 5 steps to complete (SuperDrive tray opening). Once I got the window working asking if I wanted to burn another copy, it took 24 minutes for the burn only which saved 28 minutes. k

03-26-2006, 08:22 AM
I have now done two projects in iWeb v1.0.1. For me it was a steep learning curve but once figured out via both the iWeb Help and Apple's online iWeb help, it is very nice.

I had finished the public Telluride (http://web.mac.com/kaye_yum/iWeb/Site/Telluride.html) web page project and wanted to add a private password protected web page of family photos. Published it and discovered that password protected both projects. Deleted the family project and, after reading up found that I have to create another Site. So everything on a Site is either public or private. If private, it now needs to have both a User Name and a Password. Republished the family project to a private Site. Anytime you want to change something within a project, no more doing it online, must delete and republish within iWeb as far as I can tell.

All of the previous projects before iWeb are still on the web but with iWeb I cannot publish to them. I can only convert them all to iWeb. No way I'm going to do that. The link above to the iWeb Telluride project, you are limited to 99 photos, I really like the new Slideshow accessed from the icon. It is automatic, about 6 seconds between photos, and I like the presentaion much better. When it starts, just moving the cursor off to the side of the window causes the thumbnails at the top to disappear and the left, right, pause controls which overlay the photo to disappear. The thumbnails will reappear by moving the cursor to the top of the window. Same for the controls moving the cursor near the middle of the screen.

It takes a while for the Telluride page to fully load. Best to get a cup of coffee while it is doing so. I just wish I could add music to the web page but cannot. k

03-26-2006, 05:17 PM
It takes a while for the Telluride page to fully load. Best to get a cup of coffee while it is doing so. I just wish I could add music to the web page but cannot. k Kaye that first page loads in about 3 or 4 seconds here.
Oh, I see now you mean the slideshow. :D

03-27-2006, 08:04 AM

The response time of the dotMac servers, particularly on weekends, is sometimes slower than late night or weekdays. Much better than it used to be however. Another improvement, the older iPhoto publishing a page with 49 photos, I would sometimes get a fail to complete message. Yet I quickly discovered that it did complete. With the current iPhoto to iWeb publishing, I get no such message with 99 photos and it uploads faster. k

03-27-2006, 10:04 AM
K, Music would be a sweet touch.

03-27-2006, 05:55 PM
Randy, only two ways I can get the music is to play the Slideshow created within iPhoto or burn the Slideshow to a DVD in iDVD. iPhoto to iWeb does not upload the music. k

04-12-2006, 07:12 AM
Interesting Apple doc here (http://docs.info.apple.com/article.html?artnum=301557) on burning Double-Layer DVDs in iDVD and how much hard disk space is necessary for the project.

One note

Burning those disc images to a DVD using a utility outside of iDVD will not set the layer break according to the DVD specification and may result in playback issues.
I wanted an every day copy of the Xplane 8 DL DVD and burned it in Toast 6 Titanium (works in v7 too) using the Copy disc to disc option. The Xplane 8 DL DVD has both the Mac and PC version on it. Both versions of Toast tell you where the layer break is located and burn it that way with a DL disc to copy to. Out of curiosity I sent my son to work to see if it would load the PC version of Xplane 8 and that works too. Of course, no idea if Toast would work on a Mac bootable DL DVD. k

05-26-2006, 07:21 PM
Spent a frustrating day with iWeb. finished a project in iPhoto, put it into iWeb and created the page, clicked Publish and then everything went to hell. First I was informed that the 3 previous web pages were created in iWeb 1.0.1 and since I was now using version 1.1, I would first have to update those web pages then create the new one. OK, iWeb went to do all that but encountered errors along the way. I looked at all four sites and did find a few photos that did not load.

I ended up trying to Publish 3 times and could not get verification of publication tho after the 3rd try, all four web pages were OK. I just let it be. This afternoon iWeb 1.1.1 was available. I installed it, rebooted, repaired permissions, and Published again in iWeb. It worked and verified. Finally a version that really works. Still frustrating. k

11-03-2006, 10:00 AM
Working with iWeb 1.1.2 now and getting smarter about how to use iPhoto/iWeb and particularly iWeb. Works slick and I have published several more web pages in the last few weeks.

Until yesterday. Around noon pacific, I went to publish another web page in iWeb and the process went very slowly until about an hour into it with little progress on the progress circle I got a .Mac warning that the servers were busy and try later. What a pain. I know there has been an uproar lately about this issue and viewing published web pages and .Mac mail. Yesterday after flushing browser cache I did check several of my published web pages and they were very slow. I've not yet had any trouble with .Mac mail.

Late last night, I republished in iWeb and everything went very quickly, probably because eveyone else was asleep. Apple needs more servers. Don't they get them at a discount? k

01-19-2007, 08:29 PM
I worked on 5 more web pages today, all password protected. One of them is an iWeb movie page, 2 QT movies totaling 38MB. I was worried about that one but they all published without a hitch. Takes a long time to load the movie page. Next time I will do 1 QT movie per web page. k

12-23-2007, 12:09 PM
Still using iLife '06. Won't go to iLife '08 until the kinks are worked out. Have recently worked on 4 projects. One of them I did and then redid with multiple Menu items because two people could not see more than 99 slides even tho their DVD players were less than 2 years old. I wanted multiple Menu items anyway. iDefrag found over 1100 fragments to the project so I defragged before burning.

The latest creation on my G5, using iPhoto v6.0.6 and iDVD v6.0.4 with iTunes v7.5, was 70min 20sec, 2.6GB of 4.2GB SL disc, 740 photos divided into 9 Slideshows within iPhoto, using BeAll DVD+R 1-16x speed purchased from Meritline. I like this media because it works and the DVD+R and speed are clearly written on the disc. No one that I ship to family and friends has complained about this media, only that that I must create chapters of 99 slides or less for some, despite what Apple sez.

For awhile in the past I imported the photos, not Slideshows, directly into iDVD and did all of the work necessary to create the Slideshows/movie within iDVD but that proved to me to be more work than I was happy with plus there are things that cannot be done in iDVD, such as Ken Burns effect and some others.

Other points, when creating the Slideshows (each 99 photos or less) in iPhoto and adding music from iTunes, I make a list of the Transition and music used for each Sideshow so that I don't repeat either of them for the next Slideshow or any of the others. That way, each Slideshow has a unique Transition and music. BTW, there are numerous warnings along the way including in iDVD that the music is protected, but I promise you that it burns just fine and no one I send these DVDs to complains about no music because I ask. They love the music and it plays on both their DVD player and their PCs (a few have Macs, and the music works just fine).

When the Slideshows are ready in iPhoto, select your first, then there is a Menu Bar item Share > Send to iDVD. Do this for each Slideshow. I have already launched iDVD, selected a new project, selected a Theme, and selected Snap to Grid in Buttons. The themes that I use have a max of 6 Buttons in Snap to Grid. I typically now have 9 buttons so before going past 6, I drag all 6 up the Menu area, then add my next 3 Buttons. Snap to Grid automatically changes to Free Positioning and I can drag one at a time the remaining 3 to the Menu area. You want to be careful that they don't overlap. And you definitely want to shorten the name and the text size as you go along. Text color for the Menu items, I use black on a white background or white on a black background. There is also large text outside of the Menu area and its name and size can be changed.

Once all of that is done I do a Get Info which gives all of the info about what your burn will be and you can change within the window whatever you want. The previous example of the 740 photos took 3:00 hours within iDVD to get to the actual burn stage and then another 15min to burn. iDVD then asks if you want to burn another when the DVD drawer opens. Another DVD burn at this point is 15min, so it is a good idea to know how many DVDs you want to burn. Otherwise you have to start at the beginning if you later decide you want more, meaning 3:00 hours plus 15min in the above example. That's a big ouch! Plus you will most likely have to reposition those Menu Buttons if you have more than 6 (and some Themes have less than 6 in Snap to Grid). Hopefully iDVD v8 will be better.

Some other notes:
1. Transitions that work and those that don't, or may not.
a) The Cube Transition, some have had trouble with that one. In my case it always worked but sometimes it would not complete and the photo would be grainy on the TV until the next photo which might complete or not. I stopped using the Cube quite awhile back.
b) I forget the others, like the Cube it was graininess, but I made up a list of those that work.

2. Those that work for everyone:
Fade through Black
Mosaic Flip Large
Page Flip

3. If you have your iTunes tunes divided into folders like I do, there is no need to have 2 hours of music for the Menu or any Menu item in iDVD. That just takes up more space on the DVD. So I created smaller folders with just the music I wanted for the iDVD Menu and within iPhoto when creating the Slideshows, just enough music for them.

4. The intervals between photos in the Slideshows (default 3sec) also takes up space on the DVD. For instance selecting 4sec instead of 3sec for the above example would add 740sec to the DVD, about 12min.

5. My last 740 photo project, the burn spinner rotated the entire time from start to end. My previous project, it stopped shortly after start and never started spinning again, but the project completed as well as subsequent DVD burns. No need to panic.

6. Sometimes subsequent burns of the same 15min burn of a project, Done was indicated (from the previous step) for awhile before it would again show the burn, other times it would go directly to burn. Again, be patient.

7. Experimented with different DVD media on my last project after the first burn DVD+R, put in a DVD-R or a DVD+R DL, you get a warning window that you would have to start over. I'm sure if you wanted PAL instead of NTSC, you would have to start over. k

03-09-2008, 08:58 AM
My wife, son, and his wife recently went to India. They returned with about 2500 photos and movies combined on her Canon A75 and his Sony DSC-H5. He did all of the 86 movies. He actually had much more on the camera but left it on an intra-India Kingfisher Airlines flight. By the time he realized he had left it, long gone. Only what he had saved to his laptop returned. After loading all of that into iPhoto, I quit for the day.

The next morning I launched iPhoto and immediately got a window I have never seen before, telling me to rebuild the thumbnail cache. Took about 5 minutes for 10,234 items, photos and movies, 10.1GB. k

01-26-2009, 09:29 AM
iLife '09 requires Leopard so I won't be upgrading to that soon. I use both Tiger and Leopard and Da Boss's iBook G4 is Tiger only.

Another tip I just saw this morning:
To stop iPhoto claim-jumping your camera card, launch the Apple application Image Capture and then open the preferences. You can then determine which app (if any) you want to launch when you plug in a camera or a card. That problem has been ongoing for me for a very long time. k

01-28-2009, 09:04 AM
That has been bugging me for a while too, every time I plug in my iPhone it launches iPhoto and I impatiently force quit it. I never opened Image Capture, so thanks for the tip!

01-28-2009, 09:49 AM
You bet, and here I thought I was the only one. Never even knew Image Capture was there. k

02-04-2009, 07:13 AM
I decided to do an Amazon search for iLife '08 since I don't want the Leopard only version at this point. Found a market place seller who had new single user and Family Pack. Purchased the latter so that I could install it on the wife's iBook G4. She does not use iMovie or GarageBand. It arrived in 4 days and is as advertised.

iLife 08 requirements

Mac computer with an Intel, PowerPC G5, or PowerPC G4 processor
iMovie requires a Mac computer with an Intel processor, a Power Mac G5 (dual 2.0GHz or faster), or an iMac G5 (1.9GHz or faster)
iDVD requires 733MHz or faster processor

512MB of RAM; 1GB recommended; high-definition video requires at least 1GB of RAM

Mac OS X v10.4.9 or later
QuickTime 7.2 or later

3 GB of available disk space
DVD drive required for installation

Other configurations may be supported. AVCHD video and 24-bit recording have additional requirements.

Install was on my G5 Tiger v10.4.11 drive. All of the applications are Universal. The installer has optional installs of other things relating to some of the apps such as more themes for iDVD. It did not update my iTunes v8.0.2 which is already up to date. Before seeing if Software Update had updates, I launched each of the apps. They all worked fine. Some required updating of items within the app, such as iPhoto photos, and iDVD photos. Did the updates and saved everything to my backup drive via SuperDuper. As far as I can tell for each of the apps, my prefs and folders are still there.

Software Update had to be run several times with reboots to get everything up to date. And it added other things such as iLife Support v8.3.1. Ran DU several times during the entire installations from beginning to end as well as DiskWarrior sometimes. Finally SuperDuper again as well as DiskWarrior and defragged both drives with Drive Genius. Everything runs smoothly. k

02-26-2009, 05:53 PM
I wanted to redo a DVD done back in 2005, Norway June 2005 DVD and add more music and photos, as well as get familiar with iDVD 7.0.3
iTunes 8.0.2
iPhoto 7.1.5 (part of iLife '08)
iDVD 7.0.3 (part of iLife '08)

There is an outstanding review of iDVD 7 by Ken Stone here
iDVD 7 (http://www.kenstone.net/fcp_homepage/idvd_07_stone.html)
I was particularly interested in his review of the new Professional Quality Encoding selection and he is right that video encoding does require about twice as long as previous versions tho as I recall there was a short third pass to perhaps meld the layers together. Anyway it works very well if slowly with up to outstanding results (more on that later).
Also new is the Project info (accessible via a Menu Bar selection) Quality and Capacity bar. My results are a bit different since all of my Slideshows were created in iPhoto and when imported to iDVD became movies whereas he created most Slideshows in iPhoto and a few in iDVD.
As he says, tho there are new features, and I consider them major, the big change is the user interface, and finding them in iPhoto and iDVD was a chore. At the end of his review is a link to Authoring in iDVD 6 which for me gives excellent information on adding movies to an iDVD project. Be patient, it may take a long time to fully load all of the graphics. I saved it as a pdf file. It was 48 pages.

Now about the Professional Quality Encoding selection. Using Verbatim Single Layer DVD+R discs at Best Speed (I have the same discs in DVD-R on order), the results on my Sony 36' CRT were impressive and better than I have ever seen for home made discs, transitions without a single stutter or glitch, photos sharp, text very clear. Loading the same disc into my Samsung system, the results were spectacular, very near Blu-ray quality. Could not be happier. k

02-26-2009, 07:54 PM
Very Cool, Kaye :cool:

03-12-2009, 09:25 AM
Thanks Randy.

I was wrong about the number of passes in iDVD 7 when using Professional Quality and Ken Stone was correct, two passes requiring twice as long, and no third pass.

I now have the Verbatim Single Layer DVD-R discs using them at Best Speed and they do work great and are more compatible with older Macs. I have also been using up my Radio Shack Memorex Music CD-R's and have ordered Verbatim Music CD's as well as jewel cases since iTunes will create a printable graphic of the albums for the front side of a jewel case and a list of the tunes for the inside front cover of the jewel case. It just needs to be cut out and folded over.

I have done about 50 more DVDs and music CDs and everything is working well. k

03-28-2009, 09:41 AM
Another iDVD project completed with slideshows completed in iPhoto and music from iTunes.




04-09-2009, 03:59 PM
It has been about 2 years since I last published a web page using a previous version of iWeb. Now using iWeb 2.0.4, part of iLife 8, a lot has changed but not too dissimilar to the old version. What has not changed at all is a window opening in iWeb saying that the servers are busy and to try again in a few minutes. I did that and the 2nd time worked.

Irenes70thBirthday4_7_09.html (http://web.me.com/kaye_yum/BdaysMisc/Irenes70thBirthday4_7_09.html) k

06-28-2009, 12:14 PM
About iDVD 7.0.4
I was surprised to see this Software Update a little over 3 weeks ago (component of iLife '08).
This update addresses general compatibility issues and fixes an issue where iDVD is unable to add title/comment to an image in the image details list.

This update is recommended for all users of iDVD version 7.
System Requirements
Mac OS*X 10.4.11
Mac OS*X*10.5.6 or later k

07-07-2009, 02:33 PM
I have been working on the largest project I have ever tried, a trip to India by my Princess, our son, and his Indian wife for their traditional Indian Wedding as a followup to their US wedding, a Civil Ceremony at the County Clerk's Office in Martinez, CA in January, 2007.

I took care of all the travel arrangements to and from India. The three left on Jan 19, 2008 via United SFO-Frankfurt, then Lufthansa to Mumbai (Bombay). They traveled internally all over India via Kingfisher Airlines, taxi, guided tour bus and minibus, even camels, all arranged by her sister who was a travel agent there at the time. Maria returned Feb 2, 2008 on Austrian Airlines Mumbai-Vienna-Frankfurt, and United Frankfurt-SFO. The kids returned via Singapore Airlines Mumbai-Singapore-Hong Kong-SFO on Feb 9.

Anyway, they took 2 cameras, the wife's Canon PowerShot A570 IS (Image Stabilizer) and the son's Sony Cyber-shot DSC-H5 with IS tho most of the time I think he had IS turned off. She took along 4 SanDisk Extreme III 4GB very fast SD cards and 4 pairs of MAHA POWEREX NIMH 2700 MAH AA batteries as well as a MAHA MH-C401FSB International AA-AAA NIMH battery charger. All I had to do was add an adapter for India. My son used the adapter for his Dell notebook charging and downloaded his photos to the Dell. Unfortunately he left the Sony camera on one of the Kingfisher flights and by the time he remembered the camera, it was long gone, two days of photos gone because he had not downloaded them to the Dell. So most of the trip photos are with the Canon.

His wife's parents do not have a DVD player, it would have to be PAL anyway. They use an old Dell USA notebook which only reads SL discs, not DL. Son's and Wife's photos came to 2388 photos which I pared down to 2319 photos. There were also 82 movies, more on that later. I used Tiger10.4.11, iPhoto '08 v7.1.5, iTunes 8.2 (downloaded a lot of DRM free Indian music), and iDVD '08 v7.0.4.

Created the SlideShows in iPhoto with music and transitions, each Slideshow with 99 photos or less, Share > Send to iDVD with 6 chapters for each DVD, all DVDs Professional Quality. Burned 7 copies of each DVD, Verbatim DataLifePlus DVD-R Shiny. This project used up 28 discs, all of my remaining 50 pack. Ordered another 50 pack for the future as well as a 50 pack of white printable, Verbatim DataLifePlus DVD-R.

About the movies, I think I will have to use DL discs but will try SL first to see how many I can get on a single disc. k

07-07-2009, 03:53 PM
Good thing your family gets your editing services for below commercial rates. That is one heck of a big project. Bad news about the Sony. But what a trip! Wow. Surely would love to sit around and drink your beer while listening to Da Boss tell her stories about the places she has been lately. That would be awesome.


07-07-2009, 06:18 PM

Which computer did you do this on?

07-08-2009, 08:36 AM

He has household insurance so I believe he got a portion of the money spent on the Sony minus wear and tear based on the day purchased and the day lost. He used that amount to help purchase a new Sony, same model.


My G5. Wish I had a Mac with more processors, like six more, for the crunching. k

07-08-2009, 08:54 AM
You may remember "To stop iPhoto claim-jumping your camera card, launch the Apple application Image Capture and then open the preferences."

This morning I saw this on Macworld:
Cameras 1.0.1 (http://www.macworld.com/article/141577/2009/07/cameras.html?lsrc=rss_reviews)

It's a freebie and requires 10.4.11 or later. k

09-17-2009, 09:44 AM
I published another group of photos on my G5. Once finished I realized that I had not given credit to who took the photos, not my wife. I also wanted to add more photos since she sent me a CD of all of the photos subsequent to my publishing. Ouch.

Decided to try adding the text and photos without starting over. Added the photos to iPhoto, added the text, and was ready to publish in iWeb. Now here is the important point. If you use Publish at the bottom left of iWeb, it republishes all of your projects to MoblieMe. Would take a lot of time. Instead republish via the Menu, this project, and it goes much faster and publishes to the exact same web address. Plus I did not get the annoying iWeb window saying servers are busy and try again in a few minutes. k

11-22-2009, 10:43 AM
All of the below was on my G5, latest Tiger 10.4.11. The original twelve movie clips that my son took with his camera were MPEG movies (.MPG) at 640x480, MPEG1 Muxed (multiplexing). I wanted to retain those dimensions but needed to convert the MPEGs to QuickTime movies (.mov).

I'm a total newbie at this. Choosing one of the MPEG movie clips, I opened it and then chose File > Save As and chose Save as a self-contained movie, and clicked Save. I did this conversion for all twelve movie clips. iDVD will not work with the MPEGs, but will with the QuickTime movies.

After doing the above, I discovered that I needed to use a utility that would convert the clip file, either the audio or both the video and audio, to another format. I chose to convert both to MPEG-4 (.mp4). Even tho iDVD Preview will yield both audio and video, burning a disc will only yield video, audio was totally absent. So I burned some coasters until I discovered an application called MPEG Streamclip 1.9.2 (free). Converted all twelve movie clips to MPEG-4, I chose both audio and video to ensure they were synced.
You drag the file to be converted into the center box. Then choose File > Export to MPEG-4 which brings up this window with the selections I then chose.
When I ran the movie in QuickTime Player, the Inspector window showed this:
Exactly what I wanted. And the iDVD menu looks like this:
The Project info menu looks like this:
I was surprised how little additional capacity the QT movies added to the already automatically converted two Slideshows to movies. Used Verbatim DataLifePlus DVD-R White (printable), up to 16x, 4.7GB discs.

Combining Two QuickTime Movies into One
With QuickTime Pro, you can easily add one movie to another to make one longer movie. Apple QuickTime Player Help says this is easy but I found this not so easy, plus I wanted to combine six movie clips into one. Why? Because iDVD 7.0.4 would not accept all of the original twelve movie clips but would accept the two combined clips I created.

To combine two movies:
1. In QuickTime Player Pro Prefs > General, I left all at default except I unchecked "Automatically play movies when opened".

2. Open both movies. The second movie will open on top of the first movie so drag it to below the first movie or to the side, depending on your screen real estate.

3. Single click the first movie to make it active. In QuickTime Player, choose Edit > Select All to select the entire contents of the first movie.

4. Move the playhead to the point at which you want to insert the second movie (usually the very beginning or end of the first movie).

5. Single click the second movie to make it active. The playhead should be at the very beginning of the second movie. In QuickTime Player, choose Edit > Select All to select the entire contents of the second movie.

6. Choose Edit > Copy to copy the contents of the second movie.

7. Single click the first movie to make it active. The playhead should still be at the very end of the first movie. Choose Edit > Paste to add the contents of the second movie to the end of the first movie.

8. Choose File > Save As to name and save the new movie, still saving as a self-contained movie.

9. Similarly to add another clip, open the new combined movie and the third movie clip you want to add and exactly follow steps 2 thru 8 above.

Another way if the movies are stored in iPhoto:
1. iPhoto wants to save a file as a single JPG frame. So double click the MPEG movie and it will launch the movie in QT Pro.

2. In QuickTime Player, choose Edit > Select All to select the entire contents of the movie.

3. Choose File > Save As and choose Save as a self-contained movie, and click Save. I did this conversion of several movie clips for practice.

Finally I have a QuickTime movie suitable for iDVD and the clips can be combined as above. I saved all of my attempts to a folder, 3.09GB, over a seven day period. Next time will try iMovie which would not work with the original files but should with the later MPEG-4 files I assume.

One other point, Transcoding video content
Your MPEG-2 video content can be imported into QuickTime and exported to other formats such as MPEG-4, the new international standard for Internet media, QuickTime Movie or DV Stream, to name a few. The QuickTime MPEG-2 Playback Component allows the transcode of MPEG-2 video from both multiplexed and elementary video streams. By converting your MPEG-2 video content into other formats, it can be used in new forums, such as on the web, on CD-ROM or on DV tape.
Approved October 1998
Scalable quality
Based on QuickTime File Format
Scalable delivery from cell phones to satellite TV.
I welcome questions and certainly comments. I'm still a newbie. Discussion helps. k