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05-25-2004, 05:19 PM
I know this is probably too specific a question to be posting here, but I posted this on Aurora's forums and thought that maybe since the Fuse used to be sold here and there were some people using it, I'd post it here too.

"I still use a Fuse for a couple things in a post-production house, and have recently moved it to a much faster computer but the capture rate is still about 3.6 - 3.7 MB/s. It has been in a 9600/200MP OS 9.1, QT 4.1.3 and Final Cut Pro 2 capturing to an UW Seagate RAID (13MB/s sustained benchmark on a Jackhammer card) for years with a max capture rate of about 3.6MB/s at Best Quality at 640x480. The Fuse was advertised to potentially capture at 9MB/s in a G3 266Mhz 64MB Ram and an UW Seagate drive, so I just assumed this system was slower than the recommended system shown. I have recently decided to test this by putting the Fuse in a dual 500Mhz G4 with 512MB RAM OS 9.2.2 QT 6.0.3 FCP3 and the same drives on an Initio MilesUW card and got just the very slightest increase in capture rate at best quality. So I am wondering if there is anything I am missing like a preferred QT version or recommended settings or something since I'm not getting anywhere near it's advertised potential.

BTW, I have used those drives with uncompressed quarter screen video so they have captured at 7.5MB/s before. The limit capture rate option is disabled.

Thanks for any help."

I guess I should just be happy it still works, but anyway :)

05-26-2004, 05:25 AM
Well here goes without ever having a Fuse or FCP, just remember thirsting for a Fuse and still thirsting for FCP. Am willing to be stomped all over when someone who knows shows up.

What is telling you the capture rate, Fuse software or FCP? Reason I ask is I remember that max capture rate and I remember enough that High Quality needed somewhere between 7-9MB/s while Medium Quality needed something like 5-6MB/s. Don't remember Low or if there was a Low but your test is telling you Low but your results are High Quality.

So are you capturing real time? Is there some setting in Fuse and/or FCP software to disable real time and go max capture? Another guess I am making is that real time of about 3.6MB/s for 640x480 at Best sounds about right. But what do I know... k

05-26-2004, 08:10 AM
Thanks for the reply Kaye, I use QT and FCP "Get Info" to check the data rate of the captured clip. Also FCP has "Analyze Movie" that gives all kinds of useful info, and they both agree that the Fuse is on it's highest quality setting, 29.97fps, 640x480, millions of colors at 3.5 - 3.6MB/s. The Fuse has been available forever, yet I haven't seen anything on the net relating to this issue. It can only capture real-time since it does not have serial or firewire device control.

DV over firewire is 3.3MB/s (5:1 compression) and the Fuse is at least capable of 3:1 to be considered pro, even by the standards of 6 years ago. I have a Targa Bravado capture card from '97 that is not pro, but it's highest quality setting is 3.5MB/s also.

The Fuse video looks good though, no MJPEG artifacts or anything, which is why this is so confusing. It doesn't look like it's at medium quality, but it must be compressed hard though because if I continue with a project and recompress to MPEG 1 or 2 on export, it looks bad, much worse than DV.

Anyway, I'm going to try some different capture settings and see what happens. Any thoughts would certainly be welcome.

05-29-2004, 08:52 AM
Ok, in case anyone's interested, Aurora's reply was to set the Limit Capture Rate option to whatever rate I wanted.

BTW this applies to any Quicktime compatible capture app, not just FCP. So I set it to 9,216KB/s (9MB/s), and got about 5.5MB/s. I then set it to 12,500KB/s which seemed absurd since it was over the card's ability, but I was now getting 6.5 - 7.5 MB/s depending on the scene being captured. I was using the movie The Deadliest Art to test with since it had continous Kung Fu fight scenes from various movies with quick cuts and zooms, but it's older and a little dark. If I had something with more contrast and color, it would probably get closer to 9MB/s.

And just for completeness, the dual 9600 even when I added a 433MHz G3 and 512MB of matched 60ns RAM, got about to 6.2MB/s before dropping frames. So it does seem a beige G3 or higher is needed.