View Full Version : Changing the way I watch TV?

05-14-2004, 08:29 AM

Some friends of ours have a Replay TV - which is another version of Tivo. We head over there and watch many sports things (GO Wolves!).

Anyway, I am curious if any gurus out there have ventured into recording Television onto their Macs and watching them.

I have visions in my head of placing the G5 in the living room ,next to the computer - along with a wireless keyboard and mouse. and being able to do all my stuff with the TV as a monitor, and then of course, to have it double as the Tivo.

Is anyone doing this? I've been looking at the possibilities with the external hardware - like EyeTV.


Just looking to open some discussion and see what I can learn.


05-18-2004, 11:17 PM
There are quite a few ways of doing it. I use an EskapeLabs USB MyTV2Go and its coupled software MyTV/x, which has improved drastically since I first got it about two years ago. It supports windowed or full screen 640x480 NTSC, and 800x600 PAL/SECAM, with adjustable aspect ratio. The frame rate is slightly bellow the advertised 30fps. Might be better on a faster machine; I've only used it on a DP450 but I've seen that software has alot to do with it too. It cost like eighty bucks. It's the cheapest way I've seen, captures stills, and clean video streight to disc in .mp4 format, and has a few compression options that I haven't messed with. The only cramp is that it requires an audio in port to get sound. The new version of the software is supposed to be able to do it via USB instead, but I haven't been able to get that to work.

Aside from the CRT the curcuitry in a TV is very small and simple.

Formac's Studio TVR, or EyeTV are much cooler, and 2-3x the price. Miglia makes some really nice looking stuff too, check them out. Their AlchemyTV (formerly Televio) PCI TV tuner is probably what I'd get if I had to do it over.