View Full Version : 6320 Upgrade

03-06-2001, 10:01 AM
Are there any ways to upgrade a 6320. I noticed the 603 120mhz does not have a l2 cache installed. Does any one know where to get a card. i tried all the regular vendors.

03-06-2001, 10:43 AM
Are you the original owner? All Perf 6320's had a 256K L2 cache installed in the slot just inboard of the video slot. That is, the video/TV slot that should also be filled. The availability of Apple or 3rd party caches for that machine is, well, close to none. IMHO, not worth the search. The only upgrades for that machine are RAM, and it maxes out at 64 MB. These machines are dogs. Bad. slow, dead-ended dogs. I hat to say that, but I can say it justifiably because I had one. Check out this page for some disheartening info: