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07-18-2002, 03:23 PM
Hello Folks-

This one is really getting me! I really appreciate any and all commentary provided. The problem is that one of our G4 upgraded PowerMac 9600's won't boot so long as a Softraid volume is in the mountable configuration.

The config=
PowerMac 9600 (originally 200MP) w/400Mhz G4
OS= 9.1
1) ATTO Express PCI PSC (single channel, single-ended, Ultra-wide)
2) ATTO Express PCI DSC (dual channel, single-ended, Ultra-wide)

The single channel card is supporting a digital camera.
The dual channel card is supporting an external Softraid volume.

Both ATTO cards were "upgraded" to latest firmware (rev 1.66)
The system boots, reads/write fine so long as the single channel card is not installed. I haven't found any diagramn on 9600 PCI slots but the best I cam determine is that slot 1 ( from the processor = B1) is a busmastering slot as well as the fourth slot down = F?) The single channel card was in the forst slot and the dual cahnnel card was in F2 slot (5th).

Any information on how you would approach this issue would be appreciated. The system seems to hit the Softraid driver and hangs (at happy Mac...) Cache flush issue? Can anyone help on a possible Softraid driver config or ATTO card setting adjustment? Card-to-slot re-positioning?


07-18-2002, 10:02 PM

Diagram here http://www.macgurus.com/products/motherboards/mbppc9600.php and PCI Slot 1 is the topmost PCI slot just below the Processor Card Slot. Slot 1 is where I would install the dual channel ATTO Express PCI DSC. Slot 4 is where I would install the ATTO Express PCI PSC. Both your cards and those slots are Busmaster.

On your motherboard next to each of those PCI slots may be a very small identifier for each slot.

After repositioning the cards, with the machine shut down, you should press and hold the Cuda Reset button (see diagram) for at least 30 seconds. That will erase info retained in PRAM and NVRAM such as card locations. Start up. You may have to reset a few other prefs after you startup such as possibly monitor settings and date/time.

Let us know the results. k