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05-17-2002, 02:51 PM
hi all

I just got my dual Cheetahs set up in my 9600 (ST318406LW)

So like the idiot I sometimes am I installed a Softraid version that was NOT OS 9 compatible and of course I got working drives as long as I did not reboot. Recovering from that I downloaded and installed the latest version but still no boot. I am thinking that there are code fragments from the older driver still in there. Anyway recovering from that I installed HDST and am now booting from that raid. But HDST is somewhat slower than Softraid so I am wondering if a full format (low level) would allow me to use the newest Softraid successfully?

While I had them formatted singly the softraid driver got up to the low 50's and the HDST was in the mid 40's (and Drive Setup was in the low 20's yuck!) I have one drive running slower than the other due to an old U2 only cable/term (not 160 compatible new cables on the way!) so my raid performance is not what it will be

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05-17-2002, 03:28 PM
No need really to low level. you can use ATTO ExpressTools to erase everything, then create a simple partition if you want to GET RID OF SoftRAID. Otherwise, deleting the partitions, then install Driver (and modify Mode Pages if you want but I wouldn't, I use FWB Configure or ExpressTools to just restore mode pages to factory default which seems the best with X15's).

You might want to email softraid support.

sometimes you need to reboot for the driver to be loaded and used. Did you use HDST 3.5? They claim that their partitions didn't agree with what Apple wanted previous versions of HDST.


05-17-2002, 04:22 PM
Rebooting was the problem Once I installed the softraid driver (even on a single drive) it would work but would never start up again

Used HDST 3.1.1

These are 10K drives I figured 15K's were overkill for my 9600's PCI bus

I never mess with mode pages unless I HAVE to.

HDST is working fine but I would like softraid to work

I will try the partition deleting thing and see if that helps.




05-18-2002, 08:08 AM
Damien, The mode pages set from the factory are optimized for PC/Windows and my contact at SoftRAID (may be in the manual) recommends changing the number of cache segments to "3" for better performance, but that's minor and can be done at any time.

Update: one thing left out, HDST will, by default, not enable wide transfers, you have to go in and configure the drive's options to set it to wide 16-bit. So it will definitely be slow, too slow. Suppose to be a 'safety' thing. Good driver, but should ask or not pull this.

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