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03-25-2002, 12:55 AM
Currently I'm running my FileMakerPro server on a PowerTowerPro G3 500 with two Rev2 X15 Cheetahs in a mirrored RAID. Each Cheetah has its own Miles U2W card in slot one and in slot four.

I'm moving a Graphite 733 into the server position and moving the PTP to a work station.

The question is for a new rev 3+ Cheetah X15 mirrored RAID. In the Graphite will I need to get a dual channel card to get the benefits of the new X15 Cheetahs or will a single channel card work just as well for me in this situation?



03-25-2002, 12:07 PM
You should not need a dually card unless you plan to run a striped raid. With a mirror it is just like using a single drive and a single channel card should work just fine.

I would suggest you get an U160 card though as that should drastically increase your speed over that U2W card you have. ATTO is the card of choice for the newer G4's

03-25-2002, 02:14 PM
There was a thread a month ago about FMPro http://www.macgurus.com/ubb/Forum1/HTML/000241.html

The 2G X15 are still 'new' and show revision 0004. rev 3???

Running mirror RAID1 would benefit from the UL3D I assumed, and RAID0 would not. Then again, three X15's saturate the bus on UL3S in case you want to add more drives later... prices on X15's seem to have dropped quite a bit since they were introduced making 36GB drives more affordable.

03-25-2002, 02:18 PM
Hey Mark -

Just Curious: There are a couple links here in the RAID forum about problems with mirroring FileMaker Server.

What versions of FM server, OS, and SoftRAID are you using? How big is your largest Served File? Have you experienced any problems, and have you had to change/tweak your config.?

Any info would be welcomed, as I have been struggling to come up with a solution for mirroring a drive for FM Server 5.5 data.

TIA, and good luck with the transition.

03-26-2002, 11:27 PM

I'm embarrassed. I'm still running 3.0 FMP server. I've tried 4 and 5. No benefit in my case. I will only go to 5.5 when I switch to OS X. I'm running a small database. Only about 80 megs. About 75K records. Still running OS 8.6.
Running SoftRAID 2.2.2. No problems what so ever. Let's hope things go well in OS 9.2.2...

What is wrong with the Adaptec 29160 card? I'm running a 39160 in an 867 without any problems.

In OS X, what type of RAID software can we use in a SCSI mirrored RAID?



03-27-2002, 12:34 AM
In OS X, what type of RAID software can we use in a SCSI mirrored RAID?
SoftRAID aint there yet. The built-in software could probably handle it, but I havent tried or even heard. I think ATTO might have some software (Maybe I'm thinking Charismac?) but I heard it was buggy.

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03-27-2002, 09:02 PM
I just set up a G4 466 running FM server 5.5 on OS 10.1.3, using Apple's RAID 1 from Disc Utility. Booting from the stock ATA Maxtor. RAID is MacGurus SCSI setup:

two 15x Cheetahs
Granite cable/diagnostic terminator

Works great so far (only 2 days), but:

you cannot see/mount the RAID array from OS 9.x. And you (or at least I) could not install OS X on the RAID . . .the array is not just grayed out, it does not even appear in the window to select an install destination volume.

This is the second of two FM serer 5.5 servers we have running, but the files are smaller (the largest is 86 megs), and a about a third as many users are on at the same time (about 20), as our mission critical box.

As far as hardware, this setup replaced a PTP 225 running FM server 5.0 on OS 9.1, and an older Ultra 2 set up. It had been running SoftRAID 2.2.2 until one of the drives started to fail (yes SoftRAID worked like a charm). Of coarse every component plus OS and software are all upgraded, but I can tell you that it is about TWICE as fast.

So far it is a great improvement, but I really would like to have SoftRAID (with RAID 5) and confidence that large files will not cause the problems noted in the previous thread.

04-04-2002, 05:23 AM

Just got my mirrored RAID with rev 4 X15 Cheetahs hooked up to my 733 Graphite. Running 9.2.2, SoftRAID 2.2.2. Booting off the mirrored RAID. Incredible. Low sixty mb/sec R/Ws. Adaptec 29160 card. Boot time is much faster than the IBM 60GXP drive. The X15 Cheetahs are quieter than the ATA drive.
Going to FMP server... wish me luck



04-22-2002, 04:55 PM
Good luck. Doesn't sound like you will need it though.

And don't feel bad about still using FM Server 3. Unless you are ready to move to OS X, or need a particular feature in v.5, then stick with 3. No reason not to...

Update: My OS X RAID mirror is running flawlessly! One restart in the last month or so, but it was for an OS update, and scheduled maintance - boot partiion and extra storage parttion only; can't even see the RAID from any utility. DW 2.1, DD 6.0.3, and TT 3.0.5 all found more errors on than I would have expected, but all claimed to have fixed what they found, and the box is happy.

This is a tough call. As a lowly DBA, I LOVE the OS X "turn it on and walk away" deal; no crashes, no hiccups, no memory issues, etc. With OS 9.x, I knew there would be occasional problems, but I KNEW I could fix them. You get so much contol and choice with SoftRAID, it is tough to be comfortable without it.

Now I feel kinda like a shadetree mechanic driving a brand new car...it is amazing and reliable, but I don't have the tools (UNIX skills, SoftRAID, etc.) to fix if (when) it does break.

Come on SoftRAID X !!!