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01-10-2002, 03:27 PM

I'm going through the old topics but thought I'd get the ball rolling for suggestions on my migration.

I'm upgrading my 9600 to a Sawtooth DP450. I purchased the x15 and Miles2 card etc... from the Gurus here and now I would REALLY appreciate a heads up on what I can transfer over...it seems the Miles2 is a no go, correct? What else do I need to be aware of in order to successfully migrate? The DP450 will arrive with an Adaptec SCSI card installed for the external devices below.

The 9600 is configured as:

9600 w/ XLR8 G3 450 Mach Carrier
768 RAM

SCSI Bus 0
9 gig Seagate ST39173W 7200 RPM
Stock 12X CD-ROM

SCSI Bus 1a (shutdown and switch cables for 1b)
Yamaha CD-R CRW4416S
Matsushita DVD-RAM LF100 (APS Tech)

SCSI Bus 1b
Iomega Jazz 1Gig
Epson Scanner

SCSI Bus 2
Two 18 gig 15,000 RPM's
(Seagate ST318451LW) Striped w/Soft RAID

PCI Slots
1 - Initio Miles 2 UW
2 - Nexxus GA
3 - XLR8 Firewire
4 - Nexxus Rage 128
5 - Belkin USB
6 - Aurora Fuse Video Card

01-10-2002, 10:21 PM
Hey eiseman,
Congrats on a new computer. I think the only problem is the miles, and even it will migrate over, with a loss in performance of course. You probably will move the Fuse and I have no idea how they do in 66mhz PCI, never run one.

Looks loke you have enough scsi stuff to need to really work out your plan, I don't even know if the JAZ,scanner and the two burners will work well on the miles, probably, but I have never heard it talked about. The Bluenote will run all those but I'd be tempted to get a ATTO for the Cheetahs and try all else on the Miles.

Have fun with the setup, hope it works great.

01-10-2002, 10:44 PM
Well, I'd hoped to have more help by now...my new refurbished G4 DP 450 arrived this afternoon (WOW!) and I'm not sure how to proceed. I've culled the SCSI and RAID posts over the last few hours as well as the links to the pages on the Net.

I've been waiting to jump into OS X till now due to stability/support of the OS, time, etc...and I have a headache from trying to figure out the logistics of the various tasks and boot procedures I can or cannot follow using my new gear and OS.

While the Exedrine is kicking in I'll try to state to the best of my limited knowledge what I think I learned up to the point my head started pounding in my skull so bad I had to take the aforementioned aspirin.

I can use a Miles2 in RAID 0 for storage/scratch but I just can't boot from it on a Sawtooth at all whether the G4 is running OS 9.x or 10.x.

Someone please tell me if the following makes sense:

For now I use the existing IBM ATA 30 gig drive for boot, load all the extensions I need for the various apps into that system folder... and run the applications off the x 15's as well as continue to use the partition I set up for scratch.

This at least gets me going on my new box and using 10.x for now...

01-10-2002, 11:00 PM
Hey Rick,

Thanks very much...what a sweet machine.

I missed your post while I was posting my second....I'll probably leave the FUSE out for now. I use the firewire ports to connect a DV camcorder. When I switched from my 8600 to the 9600 I basically quit using the Fuse since it didn't have on board audio and I can use DV for a little loss in quality.

As for the external devices...I had a Adaptec 2906 added for the external SCSI devices, in order to keep existing cabling runs.

At this point I'm not overly concerned about loss of performance unless it is in the extreme, I'm more concerned with bootablity. I thought I'd just get the Adaptec OEM card from the Gurus with a Granite cable but my head is just fried right now...any thoughts? I guess kaya was going to talk with Initio Bob this week and get updated on their plans to support RAID on OS X.

I'm going to go watch my "The Mummy" DVD on my brand new machine just because I can and sip a cold one. WooHooo!

01-11-2002, 01:59 AM
I spoke with Initio Bob today at Macworld SF. I can confirm that you need the OSX firmware (3.06) for Miles2 available on their website to run OSX or OS9.x. It works well in OSX. He had an external four 10k Cheetah U160 (ST39204LW) striped RAID on one Miles2 in a QS I think it was. He benched it for me using the OSX version of ATTO's bench utility that comes with ExpressStripe for OSX.

That same 3.06 firmware in OS9.2.1 or 9.2.2 works well for single drives but in striped RAID sustained reads are fine but sustained writes are slightly less than a single drive. I could see by the Granite Remote LED Indicators that sustained reads were simultaneous but sustained writes were alternating from drive to drive and not simultaneous (can only see this with dual Miles2 and dual LEDs). I gave him copies of all of my test results. k

01-11-2002, 02:25 AM

Thanks for the news!

Are you certain the v3.06 firmware is on the initio.com site? I can't find it anywhere...and the site appears to be in disarray...no pun intended! The products link only links to one product (1394 Bridge Controller) and no option for links to the full product line...unless they are dropping product. http://www.initio.com/products/index.htm

I downloaded the U2W OS X Firmware update at http://www.initio.com/support/index.htm even though it is dated 12-03-01 and sure enough, nothing new.

I think I might go the Acard route with Granite cables if the Miles2 functions adequately. Then add the UL3D later... I would like to eventually get RAID 1 running on the disks that hold my data...is this possible?


01-11-2002, 02:32 AM

I got my download from this page http://www.initio.com/support/index-download.htm where it says

MilesU2W (INI-A100U2W-MAC)

OS X Firmware updated 12-3-01
(This firmware also fixes the Digital Audio Machine issues under OS 9.xx)

That is Firmware updater version 3.06. If you are using it, that is the latest. k

01-11-2002, 02:35 AM
Oh, and SCSI products here http://www.initio.com/products/scsi.htm or once you get to that 1394 bridge page you linked, at the top of that page click SCSI (just to the right of Initio). k

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01-11-2002, 02:54 AM

Okay, the inia100.sim has the same name as what I currently have so it threw me off...updated and restarting.

And now I see how they are presenting their products...not very pronounced presentation on that header if you don't know that the 1394 isn't SCSI and don't take the time to read it. ;p


01-11-2002, 10:15 PM
Thanks kaye and ricks for responding! Especially since you both don't work for the Gurus...wish they would have addressed some of the questions I still have.

I decided to get the Adaptec OEM LVD board on special (would have bought it here but they ran out) and Granite cable/termination for the x15's as I had an issue booting using the 3.06 firmware and it spooked me. I'll probably sell the Miles2 with my 9600.

I also decided to go with an Acard 133 RAID 0 and two Seagates for the most efficient boot disk for the money. I'll run tests on both RAIDS and post my results next week sometime when the gear arrives...