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doe sullivan
12-24-2001, 12:55 PM
I have a Sonnet IDE card installed on an 8600 running 9.2.1 ASIP. I have two 9GB ide drives, one on each channel of the card. They are formatted as one logical drive. This system has been a godsend for me for the past two years. Today the raid stack made a funny noise when starting and now I can't see the stack.

I ran DW, Norton and DFA. Non of these sees the stack. If I run SoftRAID or RAIDware they both tell me that the MDB is bad on one of the drives and to initialize it. I DON'T have a back up of this stack. It has disk images of every piece of software that I use or have used in my company, which is the second largest newspaper in the state.

Is there any way to repair a raid stack or to get the information off of it as a back up. I would appreciate only real answers. I know the tempation to take a shot at me for not backing up is overwhelming but this server is my own and not actually a company sanctioned piece of equipment. I have no was of backing up 30GB of info. Please give any help or suggestions that you think will help.


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12-24-2001, 02:39 PM
I would stay with 9.1. both for the Sonnet card and 8600. how about bypass mounting drives using DW ("D" held down during boot if you have the extension; or, turn the drives on after you've booted and have DW or Norton open.

Make sure if you haven't that nothing has become loose: power adapter, cable, etc. As nice as IDE is, it is prone to failure. Cheap, but not what I call reliable for critical files.

I would also suspect the Sonnet card and probably replace it (or make sure it is not the villain). Also pick up at least one, preferably two drives to move the data off the current RAID and onto the new RAID. One of the AHARD controllers now listed for $159. Two drives. Better performance. Under $500.

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