View Full Version : short cables for RAID case?

12-04-2001, 06:59 PM
I just can't get both internal and external 68 pin buses running simultaneously from my Miles 9100UW in my s-900. Both work fine with the other diconnected or powered down. I'm running 4 wide drives internally, so the ribbon is about a yard long there. The bay case has about a 26" ribbon...even if I replaced my 3 foot external cable with a 1 foot stubby external cable it would still put me over the 1.5 m limit. Has anyone ever run a wide case under these conditions with a non-LVD card? how? Would a Miles2 card run more cable with 4 non- LVD devices in the S-900? Would there be any real advantage to doing this? I keep hoping there might be a termination problem or an improper setting in Smart SCSI on the Miles card, but the cable length is so obiously above limit. I suppose I could scrap some smaller, slower wide drives in the s-900 and put the new 10K ultrastars inside, but my case is so loaded, I'd worry about heat problems. I can only see one bay(lower) in the s-900 which has room for the drive coolers I have on the new ultrastars(5" bays have Yamaha burner and wide Plextor in them). Any suggestions?...thanks

12-05-2001, 12:59 AM
Probably your only hope of getting the stretched bus to work is with all Granite Digital cabling and terminators (including replacing the external box inside cabling. There is no garantee.

12-06-2001, 09:09 PM
Thanks Mike,

I was considering doing just that, but experimented with replacing my internal Miles ribbon(6connector) in the S-900 with a shorter 3 connector ribbon, removing a slower 4.5 gig IBM drive from the case and using a Granite adapter to convert the wide Plextor CDROM to 50 pin, salvaging my internal RAID on the bus. I had ordered a 1.5 ft. external cable to replace the 3 footer, but it hasn't come yet. Anyway, after moving drives around and shortening the ribbon, everything works great, and by my humble standards, that 36 gig 10K RAID is fast! ....nothing like the kind of stuff you guys are doing with your modern machines and 15K Cheetah RAIDS. I'll swap in the 1.5 cable when it comes tomorrow for a greater feeling of security. I figure that I've got the Miles bus stretched to about 7.5 feet now and it's functioning perfectly, so I guess persistence pays off. Like the guy who jumped off the ten story building said at the 5th floor...so far, so good.