View Full Version : 2x4GB RAID-0 MedalistPro Kills my PMac

11-08-2001, 11:15 PM
One day I shut down the users PMac 8600/MacOS 9.1 - it was having serious corruption issues - files could not be thrown away because they were not there http://www.macgurus.com/ubb/eek.gif

After running through just about everything I determined that booting with the Medalist drives in a RAID-0 setup prevented the computer from fully booting. Often it would get to the desktop but it would lock/freeze when attempting to mount the SoftRAID 2.2.2 - Medalist Pro drives. When one is connected everything is fine - and SR detects a partial RAID volume. I have tried
de-interleaving the RAM
putting back the stock 200Mhz CPU (it has an XLR8 G3/400Mhz - write thru is enabled, SP/SA disabled)
running the RAID MPros on a PCI SCSI card (MilesBNote) still no good.
Zapping PRAM
Booting off CD
Booting off another drive

I even connected the drives to a 9500 that is working perfectly and has no upgrades (200Mhz604e, 144MB RAM, 12xCD, 2GB stock HD, ixM TT) and it locked up.

I wil try connecting it to a G4/466/MacOS 9.1 - if that fails I will try 10.04 - any ideas on how I can get this thing to mount or completely fail to mount with out locking the computer? The user has some important files that were not backed up.


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11-09-2001, 10:07 AM
OK - Looks like I finally solved the issue.

I connected the RAID drives to my G4 and it almost booted up. The desktop came up and my boot partition came up, but the drives still hozed the Mac.

I was able to obtain proper cabling and had the RAID drives hooked up externally. So I rebooted the Mac with the external RAID off. Once the Mac came up I powered the RAID up and launched SCSIProbe. SCSIProbe did nothing - it seemed confused by my Mac was still stable. Disk Warrior was unable to find the drives too. I then Launched SoftRAID and it found the drives. Then DW was able to see the drives - although they still were not mounted on the desktop. I repaired them with DW and I think I was able to recover some important files...

I guess persistance pays off?