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Warren Rogers
10-20-2001, 01:20 AM
All my volumes just disappeared! I have two 9G 10k cheetahs on an initio card. They are partitioned into 3 volumes under RAID 0. Running OS 8.6 on an upgraded PTP 225 Pro with an XLR8 Carrier running an XLR8 G3 466 bumped to 496.

I cannot find them at all. Softraid simply tells me they are uninitiated and would I like to initiate. In the bus scan window it says the map is invalid.

DiskWarrior can't find them. I've got a ton of things on them I DO NOT want to lose (of course!).

What kind of things should I be doing? What do you need to know to help me trouble shoot this catastrophe? I'm not in a panic, just totally bummed.

10-20-2001, 12:28 PM

Which Initio card, Miles or Miles2? The Cheetahs, what is the model number of each or them exactly? What version of SoftRAID? What version of the Miles or Miles2 firmware? What version of DiskWarrior? Does Disk First Aid see the striped RAID volumes? Will it fix? k

Warren Rogers
10-20-2001, 02:16 PM

thanks for your reply. Here's the answers to your questions:

Initio card: Miles 2, firmware version 1.01
SoftRaid 2.2.1
Disk Warrior 1.0.4
Cheetahs: I have two: ST9103LW/LC

And no, Disk First Aid can not see them either.

I have the Cheetahs partitioned into three volumes: Cheetah Boot, Apps and Mac HD. The Mac HD is one I use for experiments. This problem surfaced last night when I was in the midst of cleaning up Mac HD.First I was going to just do a Security Erase using HardDisk Speed Tools. But at some point I got a dialog that made me think I was about to erase the entire contents of both disks so I bailed, not wanting to take any chances. I mention this because I did nothing but cancel. I then went to SoftRaid to see if I could do it there (erase just the one volume). It's been a while since I did any formatting and I couldn't remember which program did what. That when I saw the first signs of trouble. SoftRaid told me the map was corrupted and I should reinitialize. I quit SoftRaid. All my volumes were still on the desk top and I was able to access all of them. I probably should have done a DiskWarrior rebuild right then and there but I foolishly imagined SoftRaid had been momentarily confused. I proceeded to delete everything on MacHD. I then installed OS 8.5 and then updated it to 8.6. I then reset my startup volume to it and did a restart. *That's* when everythin disappeared. Mac HD would not boot nor could I find anything that would. I have a Barracuda 20G ATA split in two volumes where I keep backups of almost everything (except mhy most recent music work damn damn damn!) At first I wasn't able to even get them to boot. They kept crashing. I had to keep rebooting from the 8.5 CD. I did a DiskWarrior rebuild of one of them and finally am able to at least post these desparate pleas for help!


10-20-2001, 02:46 PM
Just a quick thought, updating the firmware on the Miles2 might fix a problem there. Worth doing before tackling the disks. http://www.initio.com/support/download.htm


10-20-2001, 03:31 PM
Yes, I'm amazed that Miles2 firmware 1.01 even works with OS8.6. That may be part of the problem. Second, I would get DiskWarrior 2.01 I think is the latest. And I can't find ST9103LW/LC on the Seagate site. Could that model number be missing some numbers? Are there any adapters connected to the drives? k

10-20-2001, 06:21 PM
Hey Kaye,
That must be a ST39103LW or LV. None of the Seagate drives starting with 9 are SCSI. That would make it a SCSI2 drive, specs at:http://www.seagate.com/support/disc/specs/scsi/st39103lw.html

Is there a firmware update for the PTP available? I would sure try any firmware,ROMS,PRAMs.... anything before manipulating the drives.

DiskWarrior not seeing the volume really surprises me. I can't see how that would be at the driver/index level on the disks. Disk Warrior should still see that. I'd be less surprised to see a Miles hardware failure or firmware corruption. Or even a PTP ROM corruption.


Warren Rogers
11-03-2001, 12:41 PM
Just checking back in to say thanks for all the suggestions. I wanted to let you all know I wasn't ignoring them or anything.

After my last post everything disappeared. I could not even get a boot to happen with a CD. So I took it in to my local Apple man. He was able to get the ATA to show up long enough to dump everything to one of his hard drives. None of us knows for sure what happened. Dave (the man) thinks I may have inadvertently told HardDisk SpeedTools to do something or perhaps it just corrupted the RAID array when it accessed it. In any case, the corruption was suppressing everything. Once he took them out of the machine he was able to get the CD boot to happen. So, we reinitialized everything and put the files back on my ATA. THIS time I am not partitioning. I've now got the RAID back up and running. No partitions there either.

Semi-fortunately, I *only* lost about a month's worth of data. Now I get to rebuild my Quicken data from my old bank statements. such fun!

My long term solution: I got an old 7600 (I love the university, they sold it plus a 17" monitor to me for $150) that I'm going to network with my computer and my son's. Then I will put EVERYTHING of importance there as well. I want a physically separate backup, thank you very much. And I will regularly burn CDs of that.

I'm still not convinced that I did anything. I still suspect HardDisk Speedtools of having done something behind my back. Any of you have any experiences similar to this with it?

Anyway, thanks again. I did upgrade my Initio firmware and DiskWarrior. I even got a second hard drive in the 7600 that I've RAIDed! A guy's gotta have SOME fun, right?