View Full Version : Mac server and RAID 1 mirroring options

09-24-2001, 10:21 AM
I have a G4/500, with a single internal Ultra 160 SCSI drive, running as a web server, I would like to add RAID-1 mirroring for some redundancy.

I want maximum availability (obviously if the failed drive was the start-up drive the server would have restarted off the mirror) so I would prefer to have some external hot-swap option so that if a drive fails I just pull it out with the server still running and put a new one in. Redundant power supplies would be good too.

Is this possible with Softraid and the MacGuru boxes? Do you need hardware for hot-swapping SCSI?

From my research it seems that I need something hardware like LaCie's TX1200 or FantomDrives G-Force both of which are megabucks.

09-25-2001, 04:31 PM
I think you are right. Granite www.scsipro.com (http://www.scsipro.com) has FireWire hotswap RAID that is suppose to be cheaper - but still $1000+ and I think they have SCSI hotswap cases also. OS X Server 10.1 has software RAID0, 1 support. I'd think OS X might be a better web server too.


09-25-2001, 07:18 PM
I have heard there can be issues booting off mirrored drives - and stripped drives (not an issue here) wont boot at all.

I think hotswapping can be achieved with the right kind of chasis - I think we have 68pin drives at work hooked up in a RAID-5 setup with some kind of backplate that allows one to hotswap the 68pin drives. I do not think there is any (good) support to classic Mac OS and an 80pin SCSI card. I would assume those support hotswap by default. I guess you would be looking at getting an external RAID tower or maybe even transplating your existing GUTSs into a different case.

SoftRAID is great, but there is no word on support in X and 10.1 may just have built-in RAID features anyway (maybe SoftRAID had a part in this?). I think you could put a regular SCSI drive in a hotswap case and then put it in a BURLY Enclosure, but I do not know if they have the 'backplates' - I guess that is where GRANITE comes in.

Also if you are going to run over 4 drives (or going to run internal+external) I would recommend twisted pair LVD/U160 cabling. You could probably even tie up the spagetti.

You definately can build your own for less. Just keep in mind that it is an excersize in learning too. With Gurus hardware you will have the highest chances of success. You might want to even consider a firewire setup - but scsi is better overall for speed & reliability (but no versatility).

If this is a homebrew/personal server - I would go for the lowest cost - this would be to add two more large drives (72GBx2 - or maybe the 180GB Cudas) and put them internal. Your existing cable should work with up to 3 (at least) drives - and it sounds you already have SoftRAID. So you would only need to get the drives - and keep the stock drive as the boot drive.

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