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Squid 80
07-19-2001, 02:34 PM
I'm using a G4 Sawtooth and my original plan was to get an ATTO Dual Channel card and a Cheetah 73 Gb. If i understand correctly, though, i'll get faster transfer the more drives i have striped together. correct?
I currently have 2 internal IDE drives which leaves me,if i'm not mistaken, with two open bays for SCSI drives. Therefore, i would be better off getting 2 Cheetah 36gb drives, right? The only downside i can see to this is that it limits my internal storage (i originally wanted to eventually purchase another 73 gb internal for 146 gb total.) Is it even safe heatwise to have these 2 drives running next to each other? So, is the two 36gb configuration feasible? In either case, i would also appreciate it if somebody could tell me exactly which cables and terminators i need. Finally, it looks like Macgurus doesn't carry internal mounting brackets for g4s. Is this correct. Please help. Thanks

07-20-2001, 07:17 PM
I can't answer most of your G4 Sawtooth questions because I don't have one.

The cables I can answer. The Granite LVD internal cables and LVD terminator are here http://www.macgurus.com/shoppingcart/obj_show_page.cgi?mgscsiteflonintcables.html and scroll down to the gold cables labeled "68-pin TPO LVD Internal Cables".

Your selection of which cable depends on how many drives you will connect to the ATTO card PLUS ONE connector to connect to the ATTO card and could depend on the distance between the ATTO card and the drive or drives. So, for instance, the GD4800 Two 68MD on 18-in LVD Ribbon Cable would have one connector for the ATTO and only one connector for a drive, plus it has a special connector on the far end (referred to as the pigtail assembly) for attaching a Granite LVD terminator. So it has two 68MD connectors and one special connector.

Another example, the GD1200 Three 68MD on 26-inch LVD Ribbon Cable which is shown in the picture. One connector for the ATTO, two connectors for drives, one special connector on the far end for a Granite LVD terminator.

Granite LVD terminators:
GD2015 68-pin MicroD LVD Dual Mode Terminator $79.00 ea
GD6299 68-pin MicroD LVD Active Diagnostic Termination $99.00 ea

The GD6299 is the best of the two, they both do the same job of terminating, but the GD6299 has diagnostic LED indicators and a plug to install a GD1636 Remote LED Indicator (for use with Terminators) $19.00 ea outside of your G4 Sawtooth. I get the GD6299 and GD1636 for every LVD setup I have. It really simplifies seeing what is going on. You have seen a drive activity LED. This system is like that but is a bus activity series of four LEDs. It tells you when things are right and when things are wrong.

Can someone help with his Sawtooth questions? k

Squid 80
07-20-2001, 07:49 PM
Thanks a lot, Kaye. No need for further replies. I found out the G4 stuff and have placed my order. I appreciate your time.