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06-13-2001, 04:21 PM
I have an old 4.0 GB Sledgehammer RAID box (fast&wide, 20MB/sec technology via 2-2GB Seagate hard drives and a Jackhammer controller card) which I have retired recently due mainly to the over-the-top incessant whining of the hard drives. I've also experienced drive failure occassionally and other nasty grinding sounds during bootup of the drives so I know the drives are on their last leg. I paid incredible money ($2,500) for this piece of hardware around five years ago so I guess I have gotten my money's worth out of it over the years but... I'm wondering now if maybe there's still some life left in the old box. Is it feasible for me to think about replacing the old hard drives with new ones, maybe some 10K cheetahs or something like that, and continue to use it. Granted, I would need to get a new controller card, but other than a new card, would I be able to utilize the existing wiring and other components of this old sledgehammer box? The drives presently in the box are 68 pin HD. Seems to me the cheetahs should swap in pretty easily. Am I wishful thinking here or is this possible.
Thanks in advance....


06-13-2001, 08:25 PM
Magician can best answer that. You may need new, quality cabling, if nothing else.

06-15-2001, 02:52 AM
depends on the cabling, and on the power supply. If you feel the power supply is trustworthy, that's the primary hurdle in repurposing an older enclosure, IMO.

next, look at your cabling. Depending on when you got the unit, you may or may not have Teflon cabling.

you can use Teflon, sometimes, with LVD drives. It is best used with obsolete single-ended drives, but you can sometimes get lucky, though I can't say I would run mission-critical applications on such a unit. If it really matters, build it by the numbers and be done.

depending on the number of bays in the unit, you can probably replace the internal cabling with Granite TPO just fine. Ah...I see you have two drives. Ok. You would use part number GD7031 to replace the internal cabling for new LVD Cheetahs. You would also want external Granite cables and a Granite LVD terminator.

all this stuff is sold on the main site--let us know if you need assistance finding it all. Hope this helps!