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03-09-2001, 11:58 AM
Just an interesting observation.

I was installing 2 new Cheetahs in my 4 bay external Burly that already had 2 x 36 GB Cheetahs.. This is all off a Miles2 on a 7300 running an XLR8 G3/333 card under OS 9.0.4 and it's an ASIP server (latest version 6.3.1?)

Anyways - here's the scoop

When I first set up the drives (the first two), I used another 7300 that was using 8.6 and set up the RAID 1 volumes under SoftRAID - no problems, all is good..Now - the drives are mounted on the ASIP server.. So I installed the two new drives, they spun up, I used Softraid to initialize and format as HFS+ and mirrored them.

Now - try copying stuff over - crash, lock up.. no matter what I did, it would also lock up the machine and I would end up in Macsbug. I tried using SoftRAID to set up as mirrored / striped / HFS+ / HFS - no matter what - it wouldn't copy.. Sometimes it would get partway through and then crash.

So.. I tried the following - boot up with NO EXTENSIONS running so ASIP isn't up.. RAID 1, HFS+.. start copying. and now everything works...

(sigh) - the only hint to this solution was on the Softraid site where they talk about OS 9.0 and ASIP servers...


Side bar note - must have fixed something when I put in the two new drives - now I don't have a pulsing fan noise from the power supply.. so the new RAID box is made up of 4 x 36 GB 10K Cheetahs, all off a single Miles 2, each pair is set up as RAID 1.

Very , very, very nice - and it's all cooled w/ 4 Ult Hard drive coolers..


03-09-2001, 08:01 PM

Try it with "Write-Through" enabled. (XLR8 CP; click "Advanced" tab while holding down the OPTION key). If that works, Initio has a firmware update working.

03-10-2001, 01:04 AM
chris....any new cabling or terminators involved? Or did you simply add another two drives to a pair of vacant connectors inside the enclosure?

SoftRAID is pretty stringent....so if it is running ok with ASIP not running, you know hardware-wise that you're in decent shape. Believe me: if there's a problem somewhere with hardware, SoftRAID will puke and tell you.

to narrow it down further, you may want to disable the startup item aliases to prevent the server from starting up, that way you can run a full set of extensions. This will help narrow the problem down to ASIP vs anything else.

this is the third report of problems I have seen in the last year regarding SoftRAID and ASIP. On the flip side, we've had dozens of customers do it ok without problems, and of course, we do it here, too.


03-10-2001, 04:46 AM
Hi Mag

option 2 - just added two more vacant drives to the existing cabling - it's all terminated off with a GD terminator block

ASIP was working fine with the original mirrored RAID 1 set of drives but they had been set up as the Raid 1 on another machine under 8.6 - so it seems to me that the key here is to NOT have ASIP running when you set up the drives for the first time.. the other clue is that when SoftRAID went to "Initializing volume" - instead of "Users" it said "<0" or something like that when I had ASIP running. It gave the correct message w/ ASIP not running.

No other substantial extensions on - just the base ASIP set and OS 9.0.4 - and I suppose some Norton stuff. I thought it might that norton autoprotect was on and that was causing the formatting problems but I still had them when I turned it off.

Oh well - works now so space monkeys or not, this box rocks now ;-)


03-10-2001, 12:32 PM
Hey C,

It may not be part of the problem, but any drives initialized under OS 8.6 (OS 9.0.4 and earlier?) have a wrapper volume system file bug that is fixed by the latest versions of Disk First Aid or DiskWarrior. If you haven't run these once on those drives, maybe ASIP is sensitive to this bug?


03-10-2001, 01:09 PM

Actually - t'was the other way around - the ones formatted using SoftRAID 2.2.2 on the machine running OS 8.6 were fine - it was the ones formatted using SoftRAID 2.2.2 on the machine running the ASIP server under OS 9.0.4 that had the problem until I disabled the ASIP extensions...

tres bizarre - but, for better or worse, somehow I think I've fixed the intermittant shutdown bug in ASIP where it would simply hang and not kill all the ASIP processes...

Oh well - anyways - off to my next adventure which is to install WinNT on my Lombard under VPC 4.0.. slick - I like this ability to run concurrent OS'es on a single machine..