View Full Version : SAN Cube ceases operation

02-23-2001, 04:46 PM
Hi all

Interesting note on MacNN about Micronet and their SANCube system -

Guess this SAN / NAS stuff is a bit competitive - The ArenaRAID systems are the only ones that I've seen that have been around > a couple of years ...

Best to build your own I think....


02-24-2001, 12:21 AM
Yeah, actually they were selling BETA units through MacWarehouse (I assume other places too). They had problems and new it. Too bad though.

02-24-2001, 04:17 AM
Hmm, why am I not surprised?
When the sancube was announced I was interested in bying one as it could be a solution for working on large graphic design projects with more people at the same time. I was really ready to lay out the money and had only a few additional questions. They never responded to my emails.

02-24-2001, 09:34 PM
yeah....we were giving serious consideration to carrying the MicroNet line...guess that won't be happening now.

back to the basement....I believe your array is actually on the bench now, Ton. We're a little backed up.