View Full Version : X15 vs pair 10k Cheetah RAID

01-12-2001, 08:06 PM
In a PowerWave (and all the difficulties that implies), would I be better off getting a single X15 or a pair of 10k cheetahs to stripe? The 9.1 GB 10k cheetahs are $250 a piece, so there is little difference between it and the 18 GB X15 at $470 as far as price or space. I would hang these off a Miles2.

Any comments or suggestions? What will performance be like in each case? I would like mount these internally as I have with all my previous drives, is that an issue with the faster cheetahs?

Once I finally break down and order this new hardware, I'll have a bunch of UW stuff if anyone is interested.


01-13-2001, 12:32 AM
With Miles2 kit, meaning Miles2 card and Initio LVD twisted-pair cable and LVD terminator and SoftRAID, one X15 is the equivalent of two ST39204LW in striped RAID. One X15 is like a striped RAID and you will have the best hard drive available. It will give you about 40MB/s sustained read/write all by itself. And the X15 runs cool unless the location is in dead air space or you have a crowded box with a lot of heat producers. Later you can add another... k