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01-04-2002, 08:17 PM
In the simplest terms, I want to add an additional hard drive (internal) to my Power Mac 7300, I have reviewed the forums and feel that the Seagate ST318417N that you offer is a good choice.

My questions: Is the fact that Seagates list this as an Ultra Scsci a concern if I add it to my existing internal hard drive SCSI chain.

The internal cable to the original hard drive has an addtional 50 Pin Connector, so is it just a matter of plugging it in and powering it up.
I think the original hard drive is SCSI.

Is there a problem with adding an Ultra SCSI designated drive to this chain.

I know that these drives come unformatted , so does that mean I must do a low level format first (with Hard Drive Tool Kit ) and then initialization, or do I need to only initialize this drive to activate it.

What exactly do I need to do, to install this drive correctly, so that it will work properly ?

Thank you

01-04-2002, 09:51 PM
Hi radig,
Great drive for your computer. That's just about the last narrow drive built today and it's a good one. It will plug into your 7300 and work perfectly, but only below the 10mb/sec limit of the bus.

If you install this drive in the middle of the cable somewhere and leave your existing hard drive at the end just make sure that the new one is NOT terminated, remove the 'term enable' jumper and set the ID to a not used one. Your factory drive is probably 0, the CD should stay at 3 and if you ever have a zip it usually is 5. Pick another like 1 for the new drive.

If you replace the original drive then you need to enable termination and pick 0 as its ID, that way its the first drive looked at when booting.

When you initialize a new drive you (usually) don't have to format. Highlight the drive in Drive Setup, and initialize. You can choose custom setup to partition the drive and choose the format. You should pick MacOSExtended, it uses smaller minimum file sizes.

One other thing to consider is to install a PCI card to give you a faster bus. In SCSI you can install a Miles2 or the Adaptec 2940U2B and an LVD drive. You will get 3 or 4 times the speed out of your hard drive installation that way. A little more money, but well worth it to me.(maybe not to you)

If you intend to upgrade to a faster computer you might also consider getting a fast Ultra 160 drive that could be moved to the new computer at a later time. A narrow drive would not be fast enough to bother doing that with. You would have to install an adapter to adapt down the Ultra160 drive to the narrow bus.

Hope that helps.

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s.d. finley
01-07-2002, 06:01 PM
Hey guys, i recently aquired a 7300, and i want to add a 2nd harddrive, but i have no extra sled...where can i find one of these?



01-07-2002, 06:04 PM

Look for the K7230 sled


s.d. finley
01-07-2002, 06:18 PM
Doooh! I just noticed it!

thanks chris!