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06-04-2001, 09:12 AM
hello all,

found a cool link for a pds adapter card that gives you 2 in 1 slots for a cpu accelerator and another card for the se/30. i must admit the link was given to me by someone else via email but somebody here might find use for it. the only down side is the site is in japanese but the guy will email back in english. the card plugs into the se/30 pds, extends up through the frame, gives a cpu pds horizontally over the frame and one more vertically for ethernet, video, etc. below is his email to me on compatability...

Thank you for your interesting. I will answer your question in my best.

1) Xceed video products has no compatibility with 040 CPU. So, Twin
Spark Adapter with Turbo040 is not compatible with Xceed. Twin Spark
Adapter with Daystar PowerCache or Diimo Technology DiimoCache030 is compatible with Xceed Video products.

2) Sorry, Twin Spark adapter is only adaptable to DayStar Turbo040,
PowerCache or DiimoCache.

3) US$175.00 + shipping US$30.00 wil be costed (US resident) .

Best Reguard

Manabu Sakai (Mr.)

his site is full off pdf's showing diagrams, drawings, etc. he also has downloads of daystar's powercache software. pretty spendy but if ya gotta have ya gotta have it. i'm opting to pass since i'm still thinking i want greyscale on the internal monitor.


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06-05-2001, 01:24 AM
okay, really, i am not obsessed with this project.

just stumbled upon these juicy tidbits. this gentleman has come up with apple schematics for these poor little machines. he also says on this page he has them for other macs and clones.

what caught my eye was the schematic and parts list for the xceed greyscale adapter for the se/30. the only downer is it only works on 3 different xceed video cards. i am finding anything xceed extremely hard to find. i recently saw the greyscale adapter go for $307 on ebay!

check it out: http://www.accesscom.com/~gamba/microngray.html