View Full Version : problem with G-L2 capture with PowerBk 17n & LaCie FW 800 drive...

01-07-2004, 12:03 AM
Hey there. I have a bizzare problem, wondering if anyone has heard of this before...

I am using Final Cut Express on a PB 17in. I want to capture DV from my Canon GL-2 onto a FW800 laCie HD connected to the Powerbook. The trouble is FC Express hangs whenever the FW 800 drive is plugged in. I can only capture onto the PB drive not the external FW800. The strangest thing is when I unmount and unplug the FW800 drive, FC Express unhangs and can capture but ONLY to the internal HD since the FW drive is now unplugged...

Does anyone know if the FW800 &FW400 ports share a bridge adapter or some other funky subsystem stuff that prevents me from capturing through the FW400 plug to the FW800?

Any ideas I would appreciate it!


01-07-2004, 09:14 AM

I have none of this hardware nor software but I'm wondering, can you plug the Canon directly into the FW800 drive?

Also it seems as if FCE is not recognizing a FW800 drive. Do you have a FW cable that will allow you to plug into the FW400 PB external port. In other words a cable that has a FW800 plug on one end and a FW400 plug on the other, or even better, if the LaCie also has a FW400 port, a FW400 cable connected to that port and connected to the FW400 PB port.

Just some random mutterings on my part. Maybe I don't fully understand your situation. k

01-08-2004, 06:52 AM
So... you are suggesting daisy-chaining the FW800 drive and the GL-2 using the FW400 cable on the LaCie drive... Let me try it out... FCE DOES recognize the FW800 drive, I can select it as a capture drive in the FCE prefs...



01-08-2004, 08:27 AM

Responses from me are going to be slow because I have two very young Grandchildren here and they are a 24/7 project and wear me out, but great to have.

I took a look at one of my FW800 PCI cards. It has two external FW800 ports and one external FW400 port. It has one large chip that goes to all the other electronics as well as to a smaller chip that goes to all three FW ports. So there is no separate chip for the FW400 I/O. All of the FW ports connections are through this smaller chip. I think you were asking about that.

Tho I do digital AV with iMovie and iDVD, I capture to two ATA drives "HardRAIDED" via an Acard 6880M PCI card or have also captured to external SATA drives. I guess I need to try capturing to my Gurus Granite FW400 and FW800 drives as a test.

Quite awhile ago, I asked Granite Tech about whether a camera or analog to digital converter should be connected to the computer or directly to a FW drive. Their answer was that, with one exception, connect FW devices and let the motherboard's FW electronics handle the negotiation, traffic, and splitting the thruput. Works best that way with internal FW being the traffic cop.

The one exception is DAV. They said connect camera or converter directly to the capture FW drive, better signaling resulting in better AV.

Be sure, if you have extra cables, that you don't have a cable with a broken wire or one of the plugs not making the connection to all of the pins.

Another thought, the LaCie needs, it it has the Oxford 922 chip, a firmware update if running Panther. Most firmware was v1.02 and needed updating to v1.05. In Panther Apple System Profiler (ASP) should tell you the ROM#, look for 1.02 or 1.05. If something else, let us know, but that may mean it is not Oxford, but rather Initio or something else. If Initio chip, they don't need an upgrade for Panther. Hope something here helps. k