View Full Version : Pioneer 106 / A06 Black and Beige Versions

01-06-2004, 06:05 AM
Hello. I am inticed by the low prices of some of the Pioneer Drives (who isn't), but and a little confused by a small color difference. I have two links. One place has a black A06 drive and the other a beige A06 drive, which seem to be identical, but I have never seen a black drive anywhere else, and it'll be a few bucks cheaper.

Can anyone spot a proble with the black one?

Black : http://store.yahoo.com/livewarehouse/dvpi30510.html

Beige : http://www.esbuy.com/pidvpreorno.html

THanks in advance for any help.


01-06-2004, 07:57 AM
I can tell you that my Beige sees A06 (beige), boots etc, but doesn't close the tray on restart and some other oddities. And more trouble booting Jaguar.

Maybe when I hit "Restart" Jag sees the DVD, thinks it is the OEM model, and tries to apply the latest firmware (to fix burn problems by reducing 4x to 2x or 2x to 1x). But this should be newer firmware, is retail I hope. (Got it from OWC for $137).

Maybe I'll put it in FW case and continue to use my older DVD/CD that can't burn but is Apple's and boots reliably 200% (OS 9 AND OS X).