View Full Version : want to add (third) drive to capture video

12-03-2003, 01:15 PM
I have a 1.25G MDD 800FW machine that currently has the original Apple installed hard drive on the 100 bus and a Seagate 120G hard drive on the 66 bus. My question is can I swap the original 80G drive to the 66 bus and move the 120G drive to the 100 bus and add a second 120G drive in RAID configuration. Will this affect the overall performance of my machine? i still plan to boot of of the original Apple drive.

Thanks for any advice.

12-03-2003, 03:20 PM
For RAID, you want each drive on its own bus. For best over-all performance, adding a controller.

If you don't need RAID but want storage, FireWire might fit into the equation also - for capture or backup.

For editing work, RAID has its advantages.

A drive for output, another for capture, and a pair stripped RAID for editing work. Performance improves if you can have less head movement, more drives.

At one time, SCSI was the only way or option for getting RAID and the best in I/O performance and having scratch disks. Still is the best, but Serial ATA, ATA HARD RAID, and even FireWire have become cheaper solutions for some.

Serial ATA drives, and some ATA drives, offer an 8MB cache and 3 yr warranty. WD has a series of 10K drives, "Raptor" that are nearly the equal of the best 10K SCSI drive. Prices on drives are only slightly less. An 8MB cache definitely helps.