View Full Version : Most sensible "Web cam" for 8500?

11-09-2003, 07:50 AM
Hello, I have an 8500 with the RCA video in and out. I use it for everyday stuff as well as music recording, and I intend to keep it in the loop even after I upgrade (with 2004 G5 or laptop), in a 2-machine network.

My question is, what makes the most sense as a Web cam for my 8500 until I get a new machine?

Since it has analog video in, can I just hook up an old camcorder my aunt and uncle no longer use? Would a b&w Quickcam off e-bay serve me the best in a pinch?

I read in another post that the video app that Apple included in my original system disk doesn't work in 9.2, so I wonder if the camcorder idea would work.

The PCI slots are all full, and all will stay full with the exception of a TC PowerCore effects processor card that I will transfer to the new G5 (assuming I go for that instead of a laptop).

I've got a printer nd MIDI box hooked up to my printer serial port, and modem in the modem port, obviously.

I've got open: Ethernet and RCA video in / out ports. I'd be concerned that putting a serial-port cam in would be more trouble than it's worth. But I can pick one up for like $5 off e-bay.