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08-24-2003, 08:46 PM
I need to get the same video captured on to 2 firewire drives. I think the quickest way to do this would be to RAID the two drives together to be redundant. My question is, will the files on the drive be accessible when the drives are used separately on two different computers?

Is there any other good way to do this other than copying files across?


08-25-2003, 05:45 AM
It depends on a lot of things. What Mac model? Builtin FW400 or FW800? Both drives running off of the same FW bus or one off of builtin and one off of a FW PCI card? What PCI card? FW hardware of both builtin and PCI has come a long way. Which FW drives and cases?

All of this can be important. Sometimes, even tho the setup more than satisfies the minimums for capture, you just have to try and see. Later FW hardware equipment offers many advantages, sometimes just the phase of the moon... You can find some results of thruput in the Drive and RAID DB.

Kenny at Granite Digital mentioned this to me:

For multiple FW devices connected to the FW card, whether FW800 or FW400, it is best to connect them to the host card, rather than daisy chain to one port. Cleaner signal and let the FW bus have a better handle on splitting the bandwidth on the fly, such as transfer between two FW drives.

The one exception, he said, would be importing digital AV. They have found that with DAV, it is best to go directly via FW from your DAV source to your FW drive, then to the FW PCI card whether FW400 or FW800, to get the capture into your computer.

Lotta variables but remember that most late model Macs, tho 2 FW ports, still 1 FW bus. k