View Full Version : VGA/S-video question

Richo Rosai
07-24-2003, 11:52 PM
My Radeon 9800 has both s-video and a VGA output. I'm looking to buy an HDTV monitor to run my computer and game systems to. However, 95+% of the HDTV's I can find don't have VGA inputs. I'm nervous as to what kind of quality I'll be sacrificing if I use s-video from my computer instead of VGA. Then again, I know that HDTV is not exactly as hi-res as a typical computer monitor, so I could fathom that the s-video option would be as good as or better than the VGA, making my worries pointless.

If anyone knows if/what I'll be missing by using an HDTV that doesn't support VGA-in for my computing, I'd appreciate the advice. I can't seem to find anything useful on the 'net.