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07-24-2003, 08:16 AM
Matrox has released a Matrox RTMac (http://www.matrox.com/video/home.cfm) version 4.0 PR2 (preview release 2) for its PCI video capture card that works with Final Cut Pro, After Effects and Discreet combustion. It fixes A/V sync issues (NTSC/PAL also includes a native Mac OS version of the firmware updater. It is available to registered owners only.

Medea debuts RAID arrays w/2Gb FC interface

Medea (http://www.medea.com) debuted two new fail-safe VideoRaid disk arrays featuring a 2Gbit fibre channel interface today at NAB.

¨? VideoRaid FCR2 and VideoRaid FCRX2 disk arrays
¨? transfer rates up to 200 MB/second per channel
¨? multiple workstations share storage

Both feature a 2Gbit fibre channel interface, real-time RAID controllers, built-in 4- or 8-port fibre channel hub with HSSDC connectors, optional optical fibre channel ports, removable disk drive modules, RAID controllers and power supplies, and background array reconstruction.

VideoRaid FCR2 available in storage capacities up to 720GB (starting at $4,900). VideoRaid FCRX2 (starting at $5,600) features a 3U rack mountable design that can be populated with 5 or 10 disk drive modules with capacities to 1440GB per rack.

Medea VideoRAID FCR (http://www.medea.com/products/go.cfm?Prod=VideoRaidFCR)

VideoRaid scsi desktop
disk arrays are the ideal low-cost storage solutions for digital content creators who work with DV/MJPEG non-linear editing and DVD authoring systems. VideoRaid scsi supports real-time editing and DVD authoring with products including the RT2500, DV500 Plus and Pro-ONE.

4-drive desktop enclosure with capacities to 640 GB
Zone Stripe Technology (ZST)
?š for sustained data transfer rates up to 40 MB/second ???
Scalable to multi-terabyte capacities
Sneaker Net enabled
Hardware based RAID?‚appears as a single SCSI drive - no third party disk striping software required.