View Full Version : uncompressed system srt up

07-04-2003, 04:52 AM
Hi I'm a video editor in the Uk who's trying to set up my home system to take uncompressed SD.
I'm looking at the blackmagic Decklink card for my DP1.25 mirrordoor for SDI i/o and still searching for cost effective storgae (SCSI? or Serial ATA with internal 2 x 250GB as RAID 0 - suggestions??)

So my question is with the Decklink offering digital sound in/out and component monitoring for my pictures how do I monitor sound without breaking the bank - anyone know of any good digital-analogue amps/converters under 200?

I'm also looking for a reliable and good "guru" who can offer me more immediate apple/video specific support at a reasonable rate - any offers?
thanks in advance