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02-03-2003, 08:24 PM
I recently bumped up my g4-400 powermac to 1.5gb ram; 10.2.3; and added two 200gb hard drives (in raid0 config with ultra ata 133 card) i have been working with final cut pro and imovie. i was editing a film and my sound was off by a sec in final cut pro. but when i worked with same file in imovie, the sound was syncing properly. has anyone experienced this problem? should i get off raid0 and just stick to two 200gb hard drives or is there a tweak in final cut i need to do in order to work with large scratch disk space?

Also, i made a mistake by buying a QPS DVD burner+rw firewire drive for my mac before i found out that idvd does not work with external drives. does anyone know of a lost cost(DVD studio Pro is $1000 too much) alternative to burning dvds? Toast 5.2 said it could, but before i spend anymore money i want to hear what you guys(girls?) think.

Thanks guys!

02-06-2003, 03:16 PM
The same ~1sec sync prob happened to me once when FCP ran out of disk space while capturing. When opened in FCP it would be off, but when opened in Quicktime it was fine. I even exported a new file from Quicktime and that new file still had the offset when viewed in FCP. I captured the same 3.5 hour footage again with no problems at all. Is the audio off every time? That would be strange but if so, just make sure the AutoSyncCompensator box in the preferences is checked and set to three minutes or so (the clip has to be viewed in the canvas for it to take effect). I have never used an ATA array so I can't comment on that.

Toast will burn DVDs, but only after you have a correctly assembled VIDEO_TS folder. You need DVD Studio Pro to multiplex your clips into that folder. DVD Studio Pro can burn directly to DVD, but I prefer to let Toast burn it and let it verify afterwards. As far as I know, DSP is the only app that will let you build a DVD using a third-party drive. IDVD will work with the Superdrive's (Pioneer A03 and A04) aftermarket models, the Pioneer 103,104, and (presumably) the 105. If want to get a new drive anyway, just put one of those mentioned above internally (for about $280) and use iDVD. IMO, the best looking DVDs come from FCP to edit, BitVice to compress, DVD SP to build, and Toast to burn.