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01-23-2003, 12:06 PM

I have an old Aurora Fuse card that I haven't played with for about a year and I was thinking I could use it for editing some VCR tapes a friend would like worked on. The problem is I'm lazy :-) and rather than fight with the card and the software I thought I'd ask the Gurus if anyone has used this product in a MDD or Quicksilver tower? Obviously I'd have to boot in OS 9 to use it, I have tried using it with my older 733 MHz tower and I know the card works but I had issues with captures using both Premiere and BTv. If anyone has had any luck, what software would you recommend? I have Premiere 5.1c and BTv available, but if something else would work I'd certainly like to know. My machine is a 1 GHz MDD "Buick" with 1 GB RAM, plenty of HD space (4 drives total, 2 in a IDE RAID array).
If anyone thinks I'd be better off just buying a new capture device, feel free to let me know. I realize the Fuse is an obsolete product, but I'm not sure I want to spend alot of $$$ just to work on a small # of tapes. I don't have a DV camera (yet), so analog to DV via a camera is possible but I'd have to buy one first . . . Thanks in advance!


01-23-2003, 07:28 PM
Doesn't work under OS X and won't work under Classic either. We have one in a DA533 and it's hosed now that we're under OS X... card would only work if you are rebooted in OS 9.x and have all the right extensions running. It's a nice card but stagnated now. You can upgrade to an Igniter if you need the card's capabilities.
What we did is purchased an analog -> DV converter and use that to feed the FW port on our machine - then we use iMovie..

Works great - using the Miglia Director's Cut


01-24-2003, 02:22 AM
I don't have a camcorder, analog or digital. I use an SVHS recorder into an analog -> DV converter which outputs via FireWire to my Mac with iMovie. Once the raw video/audio is edited, I either burn a DVD with iDVD and/or go back thru the same converter (DV -> analog this time) to tape SVHS or VHS. k

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