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12-02-2002, 09:18 PM
I've been participating in this thread in the XpostFacto forums at OWC. It was accomplished by using a Sonnet Tempo ATA/100 card with a Pioneer DVR-104 attached. The card properly identifies the drive as an ATAPI device rather than mascquerade as a SCSI drive.

WE HAVE BURN! iDVD works!!!! December, 02, 2002?4:14 PM tebjlc
Update:I successfully burned 1 DVD in 10.1.5 and 1 DVD in 10.2.2 using iDVD 2.1 on my 9500/sonnet G4800/TempoATA100/DVR- A04 !! The render from Imovie to iDVD format,and the encoding in iDVD was a bit slow..but the fact that it works at all on a 9500 is just so COOL... I can now see that 512MB or more additional RAM would be very beneficial in aiding general system and render speeds.. but still ..I'm not complaining..!

Power Tower Pro 225
G4 800, 1GB RAM
MacOS X 10.2.2 (Jaguar)

12-03-2002, 05:33 AM
That is news! I assume it'll find a way into the xlr8yourmac database for others, maybe even the reports section (under DVD, PTP, G4/800 upgrades). Probably worth putting on the front page of a couple sites, too.

Shame that DVD burning does take so long, but is it a lot more than if you had to burn 7 or so CD-Rs?

12-03-2002, 02:36 PM
Last night I burned 7 DVD-Rs using iDVD and 10.1.5 with my G4-800DP. The first said it would take 92 minutes, about a 40 minute QuickTime 8GB file set at highest settings and no compression. It actually took about 45 minutes to burn, going thru the four steps. After completing and spitting out the DVD, iDVD asked it I wanted to burn another. So I burned another six, and each took about 20 minutes because each started at Step 4, the actual burning.

What was magic for me is why an 8GB QuickTime file with no compression enabled burned to a 4.7GB DVD-R with plenty of room left on the DVD-R, judging by the look on the back of the DVD-R. Anyone? k