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marko d
11-29-2002, 03:10 PM
hi all
im fucked if i dont get this fast so pleas helpif you can
just finished editing an 2.5 hour opera dv, (only on my computer displey)so i put it on external pal monitor and here i have this fu...dup transitions - it is just plain disolwes but on the start and end of many transitions i got a kind of blink.The end frame of transition is more luminated(3-4%) then the next clips frame,im fu..d(time,deadline,bla bla)
ive found the solution,exported edl to fcp 2 and made all transitions AGAIN!!!
im gonna freak out!!!
when itried to color correct(in fcp 2 now ,with qt RGB) one of the cameras(meaning clips)
there i have it again,last or the first frame of the simple dissolve transition is luminated a few percent more
then the nexts.SO i get this kinda blink on every transition,fuck ...
I dont have cleaner but it seams like extension conflict(forcing it to render in rgb or something,i dont know)
i was even thinking to reinstal the whole syst but i have raid scsi ad to big to backup at this point
and a deadline...

11-30-2002, 04:29 PM
Sounds like it's too late for you, but, I was wondering if you are dissolving to black or dissolving clip to clip and opacities are adding on possible overlaps?