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09-04-2002, 09:03 AM
I wonder if any of you video "pros" out there can give me some advise on a monitor I just inherited. I was just given a 21" CTX brand monitor. A neighbor said he is not doing his web development anymore and has a slight problem with it's "jigglies" on the screen. SO he thought he would just hand it off to me. He thinks a repair shop could probably repair it but he didn't know for certain. That was part of why he decided to give it away rather than sell it.

At first I was thrilled. Still am actually. But, the problem does exist and even though it wasn't obvious at first, it has become increasingly annoying.

The Problem:
When I say the jigglies I mean the top of the text on my menu bar, and sometimes on the whole screen seems to be jumping back and forth, but just barely. It jiggles. The overall effect is that the screen is still readable, but blurry. Or, at the least, less than crisp.

The Equipment:
I am running this on a stock 9600 with a stock 9600 video card. That means that it's probably being driven right to it's edge.

The Settings:
Right now I am running in Thousands of colors, 1024 x 768 @ 75Hz. I can run this all the way up to 1600 x 1200 @ 75Hz.

Attempts to resolve it:
I have tried lowering the resolution and lowering the color depth. In each case the situation seems a little better. This led me to conclude that the problem was in an under powered video card. But, although the jigglies are just on the upper menu bar this morning, they will be all over the screen on higher resolutions.

This monitor has more outlets on it than I am used to seeing. It appears to be, or have been, a higher end monitor. If one of the guns has gone out of alignment, is this a repair a shop can easily make? There are tiny adjusters on the back panel. I would have to purchase the proper tool for the job but is this simply a matter of getting a mirror and twiddling?

In short, what does this sound like to a more knowledgeable person? Mild adjustment? Substantial repair, but fixable? Use it until you either go blind or throw it in an (environmentally friendly) pile?

Assuming all lines up with Jaguar and this machine so that I can continue in X, I plan on getting the Radeon 7000 card which I assume would give this monitor all the oomph that it needs.

Thoughts, opinions? Thanks.


09-04-2002, 10:38 PM
I hate monitor problems. Really hate them. Mostly because I refuse to crack open a monitor and tinker. Again..but that's another story. Here (http://www.anatekcorp.com/faq/archmntr.htm) is a starting point. Not sure if your issue is here, and the solutions tend to require a bit of expertise, but it might help. I pretty much don't fuss with monitors. If I run across anything, I will post it.

09-05-2002, 01:16 PM

Not a video pro, but have dealt with several repairs, and in former life, even knew how to repair TV's. Even then, troubleshooting had come to the point of narrowing problem to offending board, pulling it, send it back to factory for "refurbishing." and sticking a new board in for expedited repair.

I think the main issue is going to be cost effectiveness vs. your own repair expertise. If you take it to a shop...monitor repair usually costs more than TV repair...you'll probably be told the minimum repair charge starts @ $75 just to crack it open, which means, if they find the problem, there will be additional time, unless it's visually simple, and/or a part involved.

The other possibilities are, that you can, think you can, or want to, repair it yourself. If you can, I think Dogstarman's site is an excellent place to look for answer...I think I remember a case there that looked similar to yours in which the cure was freeze spraying a certain chip to view effect, and then replacing it. Unless you have the schematic..and can read schematics...that may be more difficult than it sounds just to find it. It will also test your ability to manually unsolder and resolder a Robot-soldered chip in tight places, if, you are able to find and buy the exact replacement.

A caveat....If you have not opened a TV/monitor and really poked around, you need to be aware of the High Voltage capacitor which supplies gun voltage. If not discharged, it can deliver a terrific shock, and, it's not like holding a spark plug wire. Depending on your surroundings, heart health, or whatever, it can be very dangerous if you are in the path to ground. You may just break your feet as you super-reflex your way out of there and bring the chassis with you.

If you are experienced, forget the above.

If you need to take it to a shop, you have to ask yourself if it's worth it. I'm reading this now on a 19"RasterOps that I bought for $1100....and it was a great bargain then because they were $1500 most other places---mail order. The equivalent monitor now is $259.

Those are the issues I see, and my .02.