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07-08-2002, 10:34 PM
I snagged a complete VVS PCI kit off eBay, and I'm trying to get it to work. Unfortunately, I haven't gotten past step 2 of installation. I plug in the VVS card into whatever PCI slot (doesn't matter which one), then I plug in the A/V breakout connector panel and connect my VCR/TV to the composite video output. I boot the computer up, and I get my desktop on my computer monitor (fine), but the TV monitor display shows part of the desktop with four large rectangular blocks, two white and two black, blocking most of the display area.
The computer display is the right side of the image (with the menu bar), and the TV monitor is on the left.

I also tried booting up with my monitor attached to the monitor port of the VVS card, but instead I get a vertically split screen split into four.

My specs are: 7500/XLR8 carrier/Apple G3/350 ZIF, 32MB RAM, 2MB VRAM/2GB Barracuda UW on stock internal fast SCSI bus - running OS 8.5 - no other apps installed/stock CDROM/Jackhammer UW SCSI controller (waiting to drive the Studio Array)

I know Radius is done, and there is a WWUG forum for VVS users (I posted a week ago and no replies). If anyone out there has ideas or similar experiences, please share them with me. I'm crossing my fingers that this VVS card works, and that my system just needs some tweeking.


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