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03-12-2002, 01:08 AM
We are using a 7500 with XLR8 450mhz G4 upgrade for video production on
Final Cut Pro 2. Everything works fine except for one shortcoming which I
was wondering if anyone has solved:

FCP2 outputs SMPTE timecode thru the USB port, which then has to be
converted to standard serial to be used to control a serial device. The
7500 already has (2) serial ports, and it seems rather a waste of
resources to install a USB port on the slot-challenged 7500 so that it
can be sent to a USB to serial converter to then get the standard serial
which is what is already on the 7500 anyway, and is the signal format I
wanted in the first place. Does anyone know of a patch or fix to route
the FCP2 timecode signal to either of the built in standard serial ports
on the older macs? If not, can this be done with FCP 1.0 or FCP 1.2.5?
As a last resort, an audio timecode can, of course, be recorded on one
of the audio tracks and panned to one side of the stereo while panning
all other audio to the other side of the stereo (which seems backward &
kludgy to me, but it works). Does anyone know of a way to route one of
the audio tracks of FCP2 to the built-in audio outputs of the 7500 for
sync use, while sending the audio tracks out the firewire for audio production

Thanx! - mothersmacs

06-02-2002, 07:29 PM
Hi Mothersmacs,

I feel your pain! I don't have a solution for you, but I have a question; what did you do to get FCP2 to run with productivity and stability on your G4/450-upgraded 7500 in a production environment? That's quite an achievement!