View Full Version : Aurora Igniter Questions

04-27-2002, 06:51 AM
I want to be able to capture video from my VHS camera or VCR and have been looking at the firewire options such as Formac Studio and the Dazzle converter. The Igniter looks like an awesome option especially if I want good OS X support in the near future. I assume capturing and converting analog video is basically the same thing. Am I right? For the basic functions I spoke of above, which Igniter option is the best? The $999 option looks like it has everything I need, but I'm not sure. What does the $1199 option have extra? What about upgrade options? What is the main difference between IgniterLT and IgniterRT? Does it work ok with iMovie? I've only seen FCP and Adobe Premiere mentioned. Thanks for any help. Oh, and I assume once you capture analog with this card, it can be compressed to MPEG-2 and written to DVD.

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