View Full Version : MPEG1->MOV conversion

01-21-2002, 09:08 PM
I have QT5 Pro and have been attempting to export MPEG videos to MOV format.

There are many variables and so far it seems that
1) they all suck
2) its very slow at the conversion
3) iDVD2 runs REALLY slow when trying to export
4) there is no sound option - what the hell is up with that?

So is there any other way to easily export or import MPEG1 video into iDVD2?

I know that iDVD has an import option but it did not seem all that it would work any better than QT. Any free apps? Any shareware apps? Any Pro apps?

I am mainly looking for solutions in 10.1,but if something works well in 9 I would be interested.

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