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11-20-2001, 02:40 PM
er ..... I'm a PC user .... but hold on a mo !!!
I'm thinking of moving to the more professional approach to Non Linear Editing, but I'm not sure how I will be able to afford a Mac system up to the (apparent)spec of my current PC Editing system!
Currently I'm using a 1Gb (yes I know it's clocked up 4 times to give me that)AMD system with a Canopus Raptor RT card (brilliant company), so most of my on screen editing is realtime ....... I'm happyish ..... but fed up with the constant tweeking I have to undertake to keep up with the latest service Packs and VIA drivers etc. Canopus unfortunately, don't produce capture cards for Mac's, otherwise I'd sell my system tomorrow (or throw it away !!!)
What would I need to purchase, in a Mac system, to give me a realtime solution.
I'm NOT interested in the Matrox systems thanks, had some BAD experiences with their Tech support dept, and wouldn't go back if they gave me a system !!
Does this point to the ICE boards etc?
Any comments would be appreciated !


11-21-2001, 10:16 AM
if your system works and you're happy with it, i firmly believe you shouldn't mess with a good thing. but if you are determined to move over, you will be amazed at how media friendly the mac really is.

actually, in the new macs, you odn't even need a video capture card. they come equipped with either an ATI radeon version or a new Nvidia card. both plenty fast for basic video work. you can import DV directly into the mac through the 'firewire' ports. macs name for the iee1394 protocol (sony calls it i.link) if you use analog video you'd need an outside conversion deck. a lot of DV cameras can be rigged to do that. in the mac you could use final cut pro or premiere 6.0. 2 programs that give high end DV software a real run for the money. i use premiere and so do many pro editors is know.

if you want to move up into pro/high end, media 100 has a comprehensive package built around the mac, including editing software, dedicated card etc. next up is the Avid system, though with products like premiere, you've got to wonder why anyone would spend that kind of money. (15,000 -30,000)

the most important thing for DV is get the fastest processor you can afford and tons of dedicated fast HD space. a raid array definitely called for. if you already have a good scsi storage system you'd be able to use it with the mac with a dedicated scsi card. not expensive.
i don't know if this gets the ball rolling for you.........


11-21-2001, 11:35 AM
The ice system works well with Media Cleaner 5.

That 1GHz PC is fast but what kind of motherboard is in there? You need a fast board in order to get the SCSI bandwidth you need for fast SCSI drives (a few people I know get server type motherboards for the kind of PCI performance in all new Macs). I use Asuz with all AMD systems I build.

12-04-2001, 04:36 AM
Thanks for the reply guys, unfortunately it looks like for the time being anyway, it's got to be a PC based upgrade again! (Cost !)
Never mind ......... I'll see if Santa will bring me a little imac for Christmas.

Thanks for the help !
Merry Christmas.

Steve Green