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08-02-2001, 06:10 PM
....but since I put a 450 G3 XLR8 processor upgrade in the thing the video (STOP MOTION ) capture doesn't work....this old computer was perfect for what I need it for. That is: rough video capture, using the Premire 4.21,and/or 5.1c STOP MOTION capture function, typically I might want to capture anywhere from 12 to 100 frames of video.--I'm an animator, I use the thing to test my timing and animation before I finish it....

but now with the 450 G3 all my captured movies are garbled video noise, even though I can see what I'm shooting as the vieo feed runs through the program.


08-05-2001, 11:52 PM
This seems to be related to the problem with onboard video display that many 8500 upgraders have experienced. The onboard 70ns VRAM and/or video subsystem just cannot handle the faster CPU and/or system bus speed. Connected displays show video artifacts.

The XLR8 card is probably set right now for 50 MHz bus speed with a 9X multiplier to yield a 450 MHz CPU speed. I dunno but you might try looking at the XLR8 settings chart to see if you can back the bus down to 45 MHz with a 10X multiplier and still get 450 MHz on your CPU with the slower bus. I can't remember anybody trying this exactly in the past. It might slow the system bus enough to let the video subsystem function. Most folks have just gotten a PCI video card since the RAM on these doesn't exhibit the same problems as the onboard stuff. In your case, you'd need a card with video in like an old ATI VR card but these are really scarce.

Let us know how it goes

08-06-2001, 07:14 AM
The G3 processor does not have a 9X multiplier IIRC. It only has an 8x & 10x. The G4 has a 9x.

Most likely the bus is running at 45Mhz. I know you need the built-in video to run the AV on those old systems. I've tried this - while you can run AV on a PCI video - it is slow as hell. So that is the delema. I think you might be better off with a PCI video card and dedicated video capture card.

The cheapest PCI video is the old ix3D from ixMicro. It aint fast but it may be fast enough. I think someone posted that they were selling their FUSE card - so you may be able to pick one up for about $250? They normally go for about $500 - but Aurora has discontinued support for this card past 9.x - of course your 8500 is not supported for X either so I guess it works out. The ATI RAGE128VR would be a good choice if you can find one. THANKS ATI!

Even the older ATI 64bit VR card would work well (Xclaim), I think.

Maybe you should trade up to a 9600. Someone else has posted that he may be able to get some from school - sold as surpluse for about $200. This is about the same price as a new ATI RAGE128VR, but then you will probably have to spend extra on cards...


08-07-2001, 03:10 AM
success. The XLR8 was already at the 10x multiplier, but the slowing down idea was fabulous......all I did was change the Backside Cache speed to 179.9 MHz from 224.9 (XLR8 Control Panel) and Stop Motion capture thru the 8500's AV i/o works perfectly!

Thanks a billion. My measly alternate 4MB XClaimVR pales in comparison to Premieres straight to disk method of capture.

thanks again.

08-07-2001, 09:16 PM
I too was experiencing video artifacts on my 8500/G3 400/4MB mobo VRAM. I'm running an RGB & a TV off the composite out. I solved it by running in millions/colors and turning off ALL the graphics accelleration extensions. Didn't notice any slowdown & no more artifacts.

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